Hemp Products: Is There A Market For Hemp Wool?

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By Olivia Drake

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the market for hemp has changed. Steadily on its way to becoming the fastest growing industry in America, hemp is now almost everywhere.

Because of this new accessibility to hemp and all its benefits, hemp-derived products are increasing in demand. You can find it in tons of products including coffee, tea, foods, lotion, dog products, paper, oil… and that’s only scratching the surface.

Recently, a new player has entered into the hemp market. While this product has been around for a hundred years, it’s entrance into the U.S. has only just happened. This product is hemp wool.

Hemp wool vs. regular wool

Wool is one of the most popular textile fibers. It’s known for being breathable, soft, and great in a range of temperatures. Wool is exceptional during the winter because it insulates your body and helps you remain warm.

One drawback to wool though is that it comes from sheep. While sheep are not necessarily killed for wool, they are often mistreated for the purposes of production. This is where hemp wool comes in. It’s the vegan alternative to standard wool.

Hemp wool is organically grown and made without animals. Along with this, hemp wool is a much more sustainable option for clothing. It’s biodegradable and even the act of growing the plant can prove good for the environment.

Hemp wool benefits

Along with being a vegan alternative, it also has quite a few additional benefits.

  • Once processed, hemp wool is rather long compared to other wools. It can range anywhere from 16 to 40 microns long. Hemp wool is also very strong and durable.
  • It doesn’t shrink or stretch after a few washes like other materials and is resistant to pilling.
  • Hemp wool lasts twice as long as cotton and is actually a bit more efficient and easier to produce.
  • Hemp wool is also an environmentally friendly option. You can grow the plant without introducing harmful pesticides and herbicides.

Making and using hemp wool

Hemp wool comes straight from the plant. After harvest, the plants are set to rett for a few weeks. Retting is a process where you soak hemp plants in water to naturally separate the hemp fiber from the stem. Those fibers are then made into strands.

Next, the fiber gets processed into a waivable material and woven into whatever textile you prefer.

Once ready, hemp wool has a variety of uses similar to standard wool. It can make all forms of clothing, including dresses, jackets, pants, shirts, and more. It’s also is a great material for blankets.

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