Hemp Tolerance: Does Continued Use Impact Results?

So you’ve started using hemp on a pretty regular basis. You’ve found that it is a favorable addition to your daily regimen. You use it more and more over time. Eventually, you build a strong relationship with the crop and its compounds. Then, it happens.

One day, your normal amount doesn’t impact you the way you’re accustomed to. Immediately, you think it has to do with your tolerance! While tolerance and tolerance breaks are a common trope in the hemp space, it may not be what people think it is. Should you stop using it completely? Riley investigates below.

The True Impact Of A Break

You don’t actually have to cut hemp out all together to have a noticeable impact on your tolerance. “In reality, for some people, completely abstaining… can be much more damaging than good.” But how can that be the case? Let science provide us with an answer!

So every human has an ECS, or endocannabinoid system, right? But, not all humans have as many endocannabinoids as others. Those with lesser amounts can struggle with a number of things. These include severe headaches, irritability, restlessness, and indigestion. In this case, hemp acts as a reinforcement for those with lower levels.

How To Manipulate Your Tolerance

One way to combat this is by browsing for cuts of different strengths based on your need. Or, as Riley assures, “you can just use less!” Try halving your normal intake, and see how it affects your routine. You may be in for a pleasant surprise that solves your issue altogether.

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