Hemp’s Place In The Animal Feed Market

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By Olivia Drake

One of the U.S.’s biggest and most profitable industries is agriculture production. Even though it has been around for 100’s of years, the agriculture market is only becoming more profitable. A large contributing factor to this is the animal feed market.

Animal feed is a main component in livestock growth and production. In fact, in 2016, America took in and used at least 230 million tons of animal feed. Regular ingredients found in animal feed include dried, distilled grains (DDG), wheat middlings, and soybean meal. Currently, agriculturists are looking for more cost-effective and beneficial ingredients to use, enter hemp.

Animal feed

Hemp has the capabilities to become a main contributor to the animal feed industry. It has serious potential as a substitute for DDG’s and other feed ingredients. Hemp is very high in protein, fatty acids, and fibers that benefit the growth of livestock. Current studies involve hemp in animal feed for chickens as well as lamb. As hempseed in animal feed undergoes more research, scientists find more possibilities and benefits for using the plant in this way.

Hemp can do more than just provide general nutrition in animal feed. Being high in fiber, hempseed can potentially aid in an animal’s digestion. While there are farmers exploring the benefits of hemp for the animal feed market, it’s currently not recognized as an ingredient by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. That means animals eating hemp cannot get sold to the public in any form.

What makes hemp in animal feed different?

It’s easy to draw comparisons between hempseed, DDG, and soybean meal. Each carries levels of protein that can completely affect an animal’s growth. This is one of the main things that buyers look for in animal feed. Hemp keeps up, carrying as much fat and protein as other main animal feed contributors. This makes hemp a shoe-in for the animal feed market.

The difference is in production. You can process hemp into an oil, a cake, or solid meal. This allows for a variety of usable forms that DDG and soybean don’t necessarily have.

Livestock farmers

Another benefit to hemp in the animal feed market is the ability to grow it on-site for each transfer. A cattle rancher, or chicken farmer, can grow this hearty and versatile crop on their own land. They can harvest their own hempseed, and prepare it to go into their feed. This all-in-one process can save big on both time and money. It also ensures the animal farmers know exactly what kind of seed is in their feed. The control quality along with the various levels of cannabinoids.

Is hemp in animal feed profitable?

Hempseed in the animal feed market has the potential to become extremely lucrative. Once it’s approved as an ingredient, substituting hemp for other primary ingredients can help bring down the price of feed. This happens without sacrificing its effectiveness. The animal feed still gets the right nutrients to the animal. Hempseed in animal feed may even help lower costs while maximizing profits.

Connecting with high-quality hemp

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