Here Are Some Benefits of Mobile Hemp Drying

Working in the hemp industry is a multi-step process. It’s not only growing the plant and processing it, but rather many little steps that require a lot of attention and knowledge. One specific step, drying harvested hemp.

While you have a few options when it comes to drying hemp, the best approach gets the hemp drying quickly in a space where you’re assured of optimal drying conditions. It doesn’t hurt if you’ve got an automated process either.

Ways to dry hemp

There are three primary ways to dry hemp. You can hang it dry, transfer it to a drying facility, or use a mobile hemp dryer.

Hanging it dry means having a lot of space as well as the ability to regulate temperature, light, and humidity yourself. This can mean bringing in a variety of equipment you’ll need to regularly check. There’s also a lot of upfront manual labor involved taking the harvested plants from the field and hanging them up. Hanging hemp to dry can also take between 3-10 days to finish.

Transferring hemp to a drying facility means someone else does all the work after you’ve harvested your crop. Whether they hang it at their facility or put it through a drying machine, you aren’t responsible for monitoring the conditions. The risk you run, even if the facility dries the hemp through a machine, is time. The time it takes to transport the hemp can leave the door open for issues to occur.

A mobile hemp dryer combines the best attributes of hemp drying in one process. The dryer comes to you, so no transportation logistics to figure out, no extra time with your hemp staying wet. Mobile hemp dryers are also automated machines, so no hanging hemp to dry. You feed the hemp into the machine for a faster dry where all the conditions get monitored automatically for optimal results.

Why mobile hemp drying is the best

Not only is mobile hemp drying more convenient and efficient than other options, but it often proves most cost-effective. If you’re a hemp farmer, it might be time to consider mobile drying.


Having your hemp dryer set up and ready from the moment you harvest your hemp crop is a huge time saver. It’s so convenient to walk it from the field into the dryer without needing time to bale it or hang it to dry yourself.

This convenience pays off in reducing the risk of damage to your crop. The longer hemp is wet, the higher the chance it will develop mold or start to rot. This damage can run through a crop, making your plants unusable.

The other risk reduced by the convenience of a hemp dryer is cannabinoid breakdown. The longer harvested plants sit, the more likely cannabinoid content goes down. This can impact the value of the crop and the amount of extract you’re able to get. Drying your hemp quickly stops the potential degradation of cannabinoids, ensuring your crop will meet your expectations.


It’s not only convenient to have a mobile hemp dryer on standby, it’s also extremely efficient. You’re able to move your crop from the field into the dryer right away. There’s no intermediary step to coordinate.

The sheer volume a mobile hemp dryer can manage in a day also means you’re efficiently working through your entire crop, getting it all dry fast. A single mobile dryer from Arbor Vita8 Dry can process 10,000-12,000 pounds of wet biomass per day. That’s equivalent to about eight acres. Based on that information, you can decide to rent multiple mobile hemp dryers to manage your entire crop at once, or just enough to get your crop dry within a few days.


It’s expensive to transport hemp to then get dried off site. It’s also expensive to dedicate a space on your property as a place where hemp dries. You not only need space to spare, but additional equipment and supplies. Costs can fluctuate and be unpredictable. With a mobile hemp dryer, you’re paying one rate to rent it, with the ability to use it for as long as you need it.

You’re not paying by the weight of your crop. You’re not paying for transportation. You’re not paying extra labor costs. You’re paying for fewer outsourced services when you use a mobile hemp dryer. It saves you money every step of the way.

Mobile hemp drying with Arbor Vita8 Dry

For a superior dryer, conveniently delivered to your property, consider leasing or buying a mobile hemp dryer from Arbor Vita8 Dry. Our dryers work hard so you don’t have to, providing you with an automated monitoring system to ensure the quality of your crop doesn’t suffer.
Arbor Vita8 Dry offers both short-term and long-term leases as well as the ability to purchase dryers. Our terms are competitive, and our machinery is the best. Contact us today to get more information.


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