Here’s A Quick Look at Artisan Hemp

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By Noah Chen

Some of the most expensive bottles of wine in production come from small farms. They often specialize in hand-crafted, artisanal products. Skilled laborers, working in small teams, build the finest cars. Their work produces products of mechanic wonder.

The burgeoning CBD industry is no different. Small batch, hand-trimmed, artisan hemp flower has become some of the most sought-after products for CBD consumers.

While artisan hemp flower may be more expensive then their mass-produced rivals, artisanal hemp growers boast their strains have more complex flavors and powerful effects. It’s all because of the care and passion that goes into producing their platinum product.

Making use of the whole hemp plant

“Whole-plant” medicine is a word that comes up a lot in the world of artisan hemp, and for good reason. This refers to the fact that artisan hemp is usually sold in its original flower form. It’s not often made into oil or an edible. The term also alludes to the artisan hemp crafter’s use of the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is a phenomenon tied to hemp plants. Hemp contains a miniscule amount of THC alongside CBD. It also contains hundreds of other compounds, including terpenes and other cannabinoids. Most of these compounds don’t have a direct effect on the body and, like CBD, are not psychoactive. However, the effects of both CBD and THC can increase when these other compounds are also active in your body.

Artisan hemp growers make good use of the entourage effect. They first test their plants for its elemental composition. They then select hemp strains that are rich in CBD and specific additional compounds. This is one way that artisan hemp producers distinguish their product from the pack.

Artisan hemp: a better flavor and stronger impact

Among the compounds present in the hemp plant are terpenes. These chemicals are what gives hemp its distinct odor. They’re also found in other plants, such as mango and pine trees, working in much the same way. Those delicious scents that attract you to the woods, or to a specific strain of hemp, are likely thanks to terpenes.

Artisan hemp growers will crossbreed hemp strains to obtain desired terpenes. In this way, artisan hemp has a fuller flavor and scent, one handcrafted by the grower themself.

Quality hemp from top to bottom

The care and attention paid to the life of the artisan hemp flower does not end after harvest. These buds are hand trimmed in a time consuming process that nonetheless has shown to result in higher CBD yields.

The buds dry and cure in carefully maintained facilities. CBD emerges during the curing process, this impacts the quality of hemp storing and maintenance.

With special attention given to every facet of the artisan hemp flower’s cycle, it’s no wonder these buds are attaining praise and attention.

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