Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Delta THCs

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Most cannabinoids people are talking about these days when it comes to hemp start with the letter ‘C’. You’ve got CBC, CBD, CBG and even CBN. Since there are over 100 different cannabinoids within the hemp plant itself, these four barely scratch the surface. But, they’re popular because we know they contain the legal percent of THC, or less.

The other small batch of cannabinoids gaining attention, but giving people pause all start with a different letter — ‘D’. These are the Delta’s, 8, 9, and 10. Why are they giving us pause? Because they’re harder to interpret by name alone. After all, the final piece to all their names is THC. So are these guys legal? Do they have psychotropic effects? Time to get to know this trio a little better.


Similar to THC as far as potential effects go, but without the same levels, Delta-8 may leave you feeling more ‘high’ than other cannabinoids. The legality of Delta-8 is still a little confusing since you can extract the compound from both hemp and cannabis. If it comes from hemp, which is legal across the country, there shouldn’t be an issue, but can you grow cannabis for the cannabinoid? Legal hemp plants have limits on the amount of THC a plant can contain. How that factors in is also uncertain, though many states are okay with hemp-extracted Delta-8.

Making Delta-8 from CBD is possible, although the process is more labor intensive and costly. Once CBD gets extracted and refined into an isolate, you can use it to synthesize Delta-8.

Consumers report a variety of effects from using Delta-8 including sensations of euphoria, happiness, and even pain relief. There are even some who use Delta-8 as a remedy for insomnia. However, with the similar effects to THC come similar side effects. Delta-8 users may experience dry mouth, red eyes, and even get the munchies.

The Facts:

  • Delta-8 is less potent than the THC you find in marijuana (that’s Delta-9).
  • When derived from hemp plants Delta-8 should, in theory, be legal. Check your state laws.
  • Delta-8 may cause you to feel similarly to how you would after smoking or ingesting cannabis. It won’t get you as high, but those are the sensations you’ll most likely feel.
  • Some consumers may prefer Delta-8 since the high can be smoother and milder than what you’d get from THC.


This is the Delta you find in pot. It’s responsible for getting you high when you partake in a joint. It is not legal across the U.S. by any means. Some states only sell it for medicinal use, but a few have loosened the laws and it’s now legal within their borders.

Most likely, when someone is asking about THC, this is the cannabinoid they mean. THC remains a mostly illegal substance because of the psychoactive effects many experience. It also lingers in the body for up to 20 hours after ingestion, and can sit stored in body fat and organs for 3-4 weeks. Those who’ve had hair follicle drug tests know THC can linger for around 90 days. It’s a cannabinoid that likes hanging on.

While THC in the quantities that will get you high aren’t allowed everywhere, you can find certain hemp-derived products that contain legal amounts of the cannabinoid. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp plants can have up to 0.3% THC in their plants and still be within a legal range. Anything more, and crops are most often required to get destroyed.

Most often, THC consumers enjoy it recreationally, but some of its medicinal applications are well-documented. Those suffering from glaucoma, nausea from chemotherapy, and other illnesses are often eligible for prescriptions for marijuana. For those who want to have fun, high doses of THC may lead to feelings of relaxation, increased appetite, and a loss of time. Consumers may also experience side effects such as anxiety, memory problems, and hallucinations.

The Facts:

  • Delta-9 is very potent and will get you high.
  • This is the type of THC found in marijuana, and is not legal in most states.
  • Most consumers of Delta-9 enjoy using it recreationally.


Synthetically created in the 1980’s, Delta-10 is a relative newcomer to the cannabinoid scene. It does occur naturally in hemp, but quantities are so small it’s only a trace compound. For that reason, it’s easier to make it in a lab rather than try to grow it as a crop.

Since it’s such a new compound, scientists know very little about Delta-10, but it can most assuredly get you high. It does work differently though than its Delta companions. While it’s like Delta-8 in that it has a lower psychotropic potency, many consumers report feeling more alert and energetic using Delta-10. Delta-8 and Delta-9 often make users feel more relaxed and chill.

The potential for Delta-10 to become the ‘daytime Delta’ is highly likely with its potential to increase focus and inspire creativity in ways the other Delta cannabinoids can’t.

Delta-10 is again derived from hemp plants, but it sits in that legally gray area. It’s for sure illegal if it comes from cannabis plants though, so stick to deriving it from hemp. Although, no matter how it’s created, Delta-10 will make you fail a drug test since it’s hard to differentiate from actual THC.

The Facts:

  • The potency of Delta-10 is more like Delta-8, so not as strong as THC.
  • When derived from hemp, it sits in a grey area as far as being legal, so you will find products that contain it. If it comes from cannabis, it’s not legal at all.
  • Unlike Delta-8, consumers using Delta-10 often feel more alert and focused after using the cannabinoid.

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