How CBG Can Support your Immune System

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Cannabigerol or CBG is one of the many compounds you can find in cannabis plants. Although considered a minor cannabinoid, it’s gaining attention for its medicinal applications. Making its way into mainstream use, CBG has potential for its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties. One of the ways CBG is even more relevant today is in its potential to boost the immune system. With the COVID-19 pandemic shaping our current realities, we’ve never been so mindful of this important part of our bodies. If CBG can help, it’s yet another way we keep our body ready to fight any kind of infection.

CBG comes first

What makes CBG special is its place in the formation of compounds in the cannabis plant. It’s thought that CBG comes first. It’s the precursor for the other cannabinoids most people are more familiar with — CBD and THC. As CBG begins to break down, it forms the base for these other cannabinoids. This makes it special, but also harder to extract from plants. Growing hemp for CBG extraction requires an earlier harvest time. Leave the plants too long, and there’s time for the CBG to change and the supply to go down.

A star fighter for the resistance

Research is beginning to show that CBG can strengthen the immune system. But, what’s more interesting is its impact on infections resistant to common antibiotics. For now, there’s a direct correlation between CBG and MRSA. A type of staph infection, MRSA is very serious and potentially fatal. If CBG can help fight MRSA, when other antibiotics cannot, it may have further applications. It may even help protect our immune systems from infections without a known treatment.

Other potential uses for CBG

Aside from working with your immune system and its potential as an antibacterial agent, CBG’s value comes from the other medicinal benefits it may have. According to the Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine, the compound’s natural makeup gives it a variety of therapeutic potential. This is because of its possible treatment for symptoms relating to:

  • Glaucoma — Previous studies have shown a link between CBG and reduced pressure in the eye. This could greatly help patients with glaucoma by addressing a major symptom.
  • Inflammation — Most cannabinoids address inflammation in one way or another. Research has shown that CBG could treat inflammation caused by psoriasis or IBS.
  • Neurodegenerative conditions — Tests have shown that CBG can act as a neuroprotectant. This may prove beneficial for people suffering from certain neurodegenerative conditions, such as Huntington’s disease, making CBG a viable treatment.
  • Anti-tumor growth — Several studies today demonstrate a link between CBG and the growth of cancer cells. The compound may act to stop tumor growth. This could allow for CBG to become an effective treatment option for breast cancer, colon cancer, and beyond. CBG also has potential to stimulate the appetite. This would greatly benefit patients undergoing chemo.

Combined with it’s potential in supporting our immune system, the possibilities for CBG are extensive. But, research has only just begun. Many of these findings are still preliminary.

Interested in trying CBG to boost your immune system?

Scientists continue to evaluate the medicinal benefits of CBG. While we wait, many are using the experiences of others to decide whether to try it for themselves. Those interested in using CBG to boost their immune system want access to the highest-quality products out there. Arbor Vita8 understand this, and is ready to help. Our CBG Immune Booster Tincture provides you with a pure product. Free of THC, this product may help protect you from harmful infections, by keeping your immune system in top shape. To give our CBG Immune Booster Tincture a try, click here.


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