How Do Nano Cannabinoids Get Made?

Nano cannabinoids are exactly like what they sound like — tiny hemp compounds. Through a specific process, the hemp molecules you find in your favorite products get broken down until they get teeny tiny.

You may be thinking, smaller CBD? Why would I want less? Well, when it comes to nano, less is actually more.

Making cannabinoids smaller

Emulsification is the process hemp undergoes to shrink down to nano size. Nanoemulsions take large oil droplets, from any cannabinoid, and break them down into tiny particles. These are so small they can effectively mix with water. This is often done using ultrasonic waves. They actually shatter cannabinoid molecules into this tinier size.

To create the right emulsion, you need an emulsifier. This is an additional ingredient that brings together the nano cannabinoid and what’s typically an incompatible substance so they mix. It’s how we get the cannabinoid, which used to be an oil, to mix with water.

Nanoparticles are usually mixed with some kind of fatty emulsifier to make it mix with water. This includes the water in a hemp-derived beverage, but it also includes the water in your own bloodstream. Emulsifications not only enhance a cannabinoid’s ability to mix with things we drink, but it also then mixes better with our internal body chemistry (which is a very good thing.)

Manufacturer benefits

Making a hemp-infused beverage without nano cannabinoids is just plain impossible. At their original size, hemp molecules exist as an oil, and oil and water don’t mix. Combining the two gets you something that’s cloudy at best. Over time, the oil will separate from the water as well, and nobody wants that.

Nano molecules though are so small that they become water-compatible. This means they will mix completely with liquids, keeping things like hemp-infused water totally clear. Nano hemp is no longer an oil, but rather a powder, so it won’t separate from liquids over time either. Even better, nano cannabinoids don’t go bad as fast as their larger-sized versions.

The ability for nano cannabinoids to mix completely with another product means it could greatly improve food, drink, and even topical products already on the market. Not only that, these capabilities could increase the variety of products you could put onto shelves.

Consumer benefits

There are so many consumer benefits that make nano cannabinoids a sound investment when it comes to products. The increased bioavailability of nano hemp is the biggest sell. This means that your body absorbs nano cannabinoids quicker, and you feel any effects sooner. Bioavailability gauges how fast your body can absorb a product. Nano cannabinoids are so small they sneak right through your digestive system instead of having to go all the way through.

Other benefits to nano cannabinoids include:

  • Consistent doses — each nano product contains the same amount of your chosen cannabinoid. There’s no margin of error, allowing you to gain complete control over how much you’re ingesting.
  • Longer shelf life — although not all hemp-derived products stay on store shelves for long, an increased shelf life, up to two years in some cases, makes nano cannabinoids more durable.
  • More discretion — for users who don’t want to draw attention to their use of a hemp product, nano cannabinoids are perhaps the most discrete. You mix them in water, and they completely disappear.

Where to find the best nano out there?

Arbor Vita8 nano uses a proprietary system to create these amazing tiny molecules for any hemp cannabinoid. Even for those manufactured in a lab, our process can reduce them all down to size.

If you’re interested in exploring your options when it comes to nano, and are considering buying in bulk, contact us today. 


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