How Should I Use CBD on My Skin?

By Noah Chen

Among the many potential health benefits of hemp and CBD is its ability to heal and soothe our skin. In fact, CBD has been gaining such a reputation, multiple researchers have taken a look at its various applications for our dermal health.

There are several reasons why CBD and hemp oil work well in skin and beauty products. We’ll summarize some of the most popular here, as well as explain what it is about CBD that makes users like it so much.

Our skin is a natural CBD receptor

Our bodies contain something called the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS. This system interacts with many other functions of the body. It’s also a well-known favorite of CBD once it’s introduced into the body. There are CB receptors everywhere, including our skin.

Interestingly, researchers found that through our ECS, CBD, and other cannabinoids, can signal our skin in ways that are, “deeply involved in the maintenance of skin homeostasis.” In other words, CBD may help repair damage and keep our skin happy and healthy.

While CBD interacts with receptors throughout our body, it is most effective when it applied directly.  That’s why CBD balm is such a popular product on the market today.

Balm vs. Oil

When one buys CBD oil, it’s usually with the intention of ingesting it, either with a few drops to the tongue or by adding it into foods or beverages. This is a good way to take advantage of any possible effects you feel from CBD, such as reduced levels of anxiety or stress.

But if we’re talking about CBD’s possible effect on the skin, CBD balm is what you want. As a topical balm, CBD can interact with damaged areas, potentially working to help heal them.

For instance, if you’re taking CBD because you notice it relieves the pain of your sore back, you’re better off applying a CBD balm directly to the sore spot than ingesting CBD oil. While CBD oil still acts as an analgesic, it has to travel through your whole body to get to the source of discomfort. You can apply balm right where you need it most to get it working faster.

Specific conditions and balms

Users of topical CBD products may notice a positive change after regular use. CBD has been known to help certain users relieve pain. Users also report that CBD can interact positively with a lot of different skin ailments such as:

  • Acne – CBD may help regulate sebum, or the waxy oil our skin produces. While sebum is important, excessive production can lead to acne breakouts. Researchers have found that CBD actually plays a role in regulating sebum, meaning you may have fewer outbreaks when using a CBD balm.
  • Dry Skin – Did you know that CBD is full of antioxidants and other molecules that our bodies love? These include omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These are part of the building blocks of our skin. Increasing the levels of these fatty acids on your skin’s surface have many benefits, including moisturizing our skin.
  • De-aging – These same fatty acids may also help keep our skin smooth, healthy, and young-looking.
  • Psoriasis – Psoriasis is a skin disorder that grows damaged skin cells. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD may help slow the growth of these cells, working to heal the skin.

CBD has a ton of benefits

I’m not lying when I say there are a hundred uses for CBD! This is because it has so many benefits that extend beyond just your skin. To learn more about what CBD products are available, visit the online store at Arbor Vita8. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality, affordable hemp-derived products. Try one today and see how CBD’s potential benefits can help you.


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