How to Make Isolate: A Closer Look At The Process

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By Noah Chen

One of the purest forms of CBD on the market is CBD isolate. Up to 99 percent pure, isolate can be the cream of the crop and is a great way for beginners and advanced users to experience CBD.

CBD isolate has grown in popularity for its many different uses. For those looking to enjoy the therapeutic effects of CBD without the euphoric high of THC, isolate is a great option. Because it is so pure, CBD isolate is THC free, unlike some other CBD products that have trace amounts of the psychoactive cannabinoid.

The high concentration of CBD in isolate also means it’s the best way to get an accurate dose of the cannabinoid. For those looking to take exact amounts of CBD, isolate remains the easiest way to measure it out. It’s also easy to consume. Isolate usually comes in a crystallized form you can take sublingually (under the tongue) or mixed with food and beverages.

Creating such pure CBD products is a fascinating process. If you were wondering how to make isolate, look no further.

Step 1) CBD Extraction

The first step in making CBD isolate is removing the cannabinoids from the plant matter. To do this, chop the usable portion of the plant up. Then mix it with a solvent, usually butane or ethanol, and boiled at low temperatures.

This separates the plant materials we want, from those we don’t, resulting in oil containing all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other usable compounds from within the hemp flower. This mixture is far from pure CBD though, and needs further refinement to become an isolate.

Step 2) Winterization

After extraction, there are still unwanted compounds in our CBD mixture. This includes both lipids and waxes that naturally occur in hemp. They’re removed in a process called winterization.

This involves cooling the oil to sub zero degrees which causes the fats and waxes to coagulate and separate out. The resulting concoction is now ready for filtering.

Step 3) Filtration

The fats and waxes aren’t simply skimmed off the top. Instead, they get filtered out. To do this, the oil, now called miscella, gets pulled through a series of filters which completes the filtration process and leaves you with a more pure mixture.

Step 4) Decarboxylation

Now, we take a break from purifying our CBD to finish activating it. This process is decarboxylation. To decarboxylate your extract, place it in a reactionary vessel and gently heat it.

This converts the acidic cannabinoid (CBDa) into the neutral form, CBD. Though it’s called neutral, CBD is very active, and is what we want.

Step 5) Distillation

After decarboxylating our extract, it’s time for the final distillation. Though it’s almost pure, the extract still has some pigments, terpenes, and other undesirable compounds that need weeding out.

To distill your extract, gently heat it under a vacuum. This will cause the CBD to evaporate and rise. A separate container then captures the evaporated CBD as it cools and condenses.

Smile! Your CBD isolate is nearly complete.

Step 6) Crystallization

The crystallization process is the process of isolating a single cannabinoid, in this case CBD, from a solvent. This will ensure the isolate is 99 percent pure.

This happens with the help of heat. A CBD-solvent mixture gets heated and constantly stirred. Then, by lowering the temperature, while still stirring slowly, crystallization starts. Stirring continues until the crystals finish forming, but what you’re left with is pure, CBD isolate.

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