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Industrial hemp is not the same thing as marijuana. In fact, it isn’t grown to produce buds at all. With higher concentrations of Cannabidiol (CBD), industrial hemp has a lot of practical applications today for non-THC products. Even fifty thousand years ago, industrial hemp was important. It had the distinction of being one of the first plants spun into usable fiber.

After passing the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp went through a rediscovery as a high-value crop. It’s rapid growth and development leads to significant biomass at harvesting time. After that, extraction can help generate a variety of products. From those items used for fun to ingredients found in cosmetics or clothing, hemp is everywhere.

The oils extracted from industrialized hemp

There are three different oils you can extract from industrialized hemp. They are all edible and each possess elements that may help you feel better on a daily basis. None of them contain enough THC to get you high, and are legal just about everywhere in the US.


CBD and CBG oil are the most well-known today, as demand continues to grow. CBD and CBG appeal to many users looking to feel the potential health benefits of cannabis without the high. Although the applications of CBD and CBG oil haven’t yet been medically proven, people often experience a decrease in stress or a reduction in muscle pain. It’s even used to treat chronic health conditions like epilepsy and auto-immune disorders.

Essential oil

Hemp essential oil is different from CBD and CBG because it doesn’t contain any THC. CBD/CBG oil can legally have up to .3 percent. Even without the trace THC, hemp essential oils can work as anti-inflammatories.

Hemp seed oil

What’s unique about hemp seed oil is its essential fatty acid content. It contains essential fatty acids our bodies need that aren’t found in other industrial oils. When cold-pressed, hemp seed oil tastes like walnuts and sunflower seeds, so you can eat or cook with it. When ingested regularly, it may improve your skin, hair, and nails.

Extraction options

You have more than one option when selecting how you’ll extract these oils from your industrialized hemp. Each has its own set of pros and cons. It’s ultimately up to you to work with a processor that uses your preferred extraction method.


This method of extraction involves turning the gas, carbon dioxide, into a liquid by getting it super hot. In this state it works like a solvent, breaking down hemp biomass into oil. This leads to a very pure product. While this is a safe and effective way to extract oil from hemp, the machines that get the job done are costly. 


Generally producing a higher yield than CO2, when ethanol is the solvent, it works to separate CBD from the hemp biomass. The issue is that it sometimes takes chlorophyll with it during extraction, which you don’t want. You then have to complete an extra filtering step. You can substitute butane or alcohol in this process, but in general, you’re working with more volatile chemicals, which adds some safety concerns.

Extraction on an industrial scale

Extraction methods remain the same no matter how much biomass you create, but the size of the machine can change. What’s different about industrial hemp is the sheer volume that becomes available after each harvest. You have so much more to process with an industrial hemp crop versus a marijuana crop, and extraction machines need more size to handle the volume. This not only allows you to extract more product faster, but it also gets more product on the shelves quicker and out to consumers who are asking for it. This can make certain high-end hemp products a little more affordable and accessible, especially when considering the cost of broad-spectrum CBD. The more people who can afford to buy your oil, the more you’ll sell.

Learn more about industrial hemp extraction

No matter the method or the machine, as an industrial hemp farmer, you should work with a processor you trust. This means they’re willing to share their expertise with you to help you harvest a stronger crop, in addition to providing you with the extraction services you need. At Arbor Vita8, we’re concerned about the success of our farmers even before they plant their first seed. Our complete set of services and industry knowledge are equally available so everyone involved sees success. From seed-to-sale, we’re here as your partner. Contact us today to learn more.


The Best Hemp Extraction Services in Alabama

Arbor Vita8 offers hemp extraction services that are both cost-effective and efficient. Our advanced facilities manage high-volume extractions with ease. We produce the highest quality CBD and CBG oil and distillates. Let us transform your hemp into the ideal products manufacturers are looking to buy. Contact us today to learn more about our extraction technology and our other seed-to-sale services. 

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