Is Cannabinol the Next CBD?

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By Noah Chen

CBN, otherwise known as Cannabinol, and its popularity may end up rivaling CBD. There’s a good chance that anyone who spends time researching hemp will come away surprised. There are so many uses for the plant including Cannabinol!

While hemp biomass transforms into anything from t-shirts to fuel, most attention in the industry falls on CBD and its versatility.

Hemp contains many compounds, like the medicinally useful CBD and the psychoactive THC. These are only two of the “big six” cannabinoids. The group member in question hovers between the health properties of CBD and the physical effects of THC. Welcome Cannabinol.

What is Cannabinol?

Like CBD, Cannabinol works on the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. This is a series of receptors that react to compounds found in hemp and also naturally in the body. While CBD seems to only interact with these receptors in a roundabout way, CBN takes a direct approach. This is similar to how THC operates.

CBN is a mildly psychoactive compound, but don’t worry, it’s only about a fifth as potent as THC. Unlike THC, it counts as a legal hemp product, the same as CBD. It doesn’t actually contain THC. It’s possible psychoactive effects may come from its composition. It comes from CBN-a, which gets released from THC-a as it oxidizes. This means that if you leave nugs of marijuana out in the sunlight, they eventually produce Cannabinol.

What is Cannabinol used for?

Cannabinol’s primary use is as a sedative or anti-anxiety medication. In an oft-touted statistic that 5 mgs of pure CBN can relax the user as much as 10 mgs of Valium, a drug often prescribed for anti-anxiety purposes.

CBN also works as an appetite stimulant, which is the opposite of CBDs appetite-suppressing effect. It is also taken because it’s an antibacterial. It may help fight MRSA bacteria which is resilient to many antibiotics. Finally, Cannabinol may function as a sleep aid, though it’s noted those with sleep apnea should avoid taking it.

The future of CBN

While researchers have studied Cannabinol since the 90’s, it receives less attention than both THC and CBD. Today, we know less about its effects and uses. That may change. Because it is the cannabinoid with the most relaxing properties, it has potential worth exploring.

The hurdle though is availability. Very small amounts of it are available in hemp plants. This makes it harder to create products that are pure-CBN. Farmers either have to plant larger crops to generate more of the compound, or find strains engineered to have more than the average plant.

With its myriad of uses, many of which are unique, there’s a good chance it will go on to become yet another popular compound from the hemp plant.

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