Is Hemp Oil the Best Wood Finish You’re not Using?

By Noah Chen

It should no longer surprise me when I read about a new use for hemp, but I can’t help but feel amazed at the myriad uses for the world’s most versatile plant. 

According to Curious Mind Magazine, hemp is “surprising versatile” because the entire plant has many purposes. Its value and versatility has made hemp “a large part of our industrial lives for over 50,000 years.”

It’s well-known that hemp can produce clothing, provide medicinal benefits, and become concrete or biofuel. Let’s add to this list of uses by thinking of hemp as a wood finisher. As it turns out, the oil of the hemp plant is perfectly suited to give your woodcrafts and furniture the depth and sheen you’ve always desired.

Wait, hemp oil can finish wood?

Yes, it can! Unlike the oil from olives or certain vegetables, hemp oil will not go rancid, meaning it is a fine choice for enhancing and protecting wood.

When applied to painted wood furniture, hemp oil can transform flat or dull colors, giving them new depth and gloss. This is because the hemp oil actually penetrates the paint layer and helps seal the paint to the surface.

Not only can you use hemp oil on new pieces, but it is great for restoring old furniture whose finish may have worn, faded, or been incomplete. Generally speaking, the older the wood, the darker the hemp oil will leave it, and a few coats can take a shabby chest of drawers to something that’s polished and refined. ‘

Another bonus is that hemp oil is a 100-percent-natural, plant based alternative to other wood finishers. This is important to anyone with chemical sensitivities, or anyone looking to source sustainable materials for their DIY projects.

Applying hemp oil

Applying hemp oil is a breeze, no matter the surface. First, if the wood has been freshly painted, wait at least 12 hours for it to dry before applying any finisher. Once the paint has settled, you’re good to go.

Using your hands or a cloth, rub the oil onto the wood so it covers the entire surface. Some hemp oils may have a green color to them, but this won’t affect the final look. Let the oil sit for 12 hours, then wipe away any excess, and you’re all done.

If you want a darker finish, apply additional coats. You can’t harm your furniture with too many coats, but take it slow so you don’t go too dark too fast.

The versatility of hemp

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