Is Terpsolate the Best Way to Take CBD?

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By Noah Chen

There’s a good chance terpsolate is the most efficient, and most effective, way to take CBD right now. Terpsolate is a portmanteau of “terpene” and “isolate,” and it is one of the purest forms of CBD in the world.

Like CBD isolate, also known as CBD crystals, terpsolate is as much as 99 percent CBD. Unlike CBD isolate, terpsolate also contains hemp terpenes. This is where it gains an edge over its sister product.

Terpenes: an integral member of the cannabinoid entourage

Terpenes are natural compounds found in all types of plants. Everything from hemp to mango and coriander contain terpenes. They’re what give lemons that zesty aroma, and what makes lavender so relaxing. They’re also what makes hemp smell like, well, hemp.

However, terpenes go beyond aroma. They actually influence the effect CBD and other cannabinoids have on your system. It appears that terpenes speed up the absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream thanks to the “entourage effect.” This is the name for what happens when more than one hemp-derived compound of mix together. The result is a more positive effect from both products.

See, hemp contains over one hundred terpenes, and each one has an individual effect. They are the building blocks of terpsolate. You heighten these effects when they interact with CBD, as is the effect of the CBD itself.

The flavor of terpenes

Terpenes vary by aroma, flavor, and effect. Some common terpenes found in hemp and terpsolate are:

  • Alpha-pinene: You can find these in conifers. This explains why this terpene has a piney scent. Its energizing aroma may increase alertness and memory retention.
  • Beta-caryophyllene: A peppery terpene, Beta-caryophyllene is also one of the only terpenes that interacts directly with the human endocannabinoid system.
  • Beta-myrcene: The terpene most common in hemp by far. You can even find them in mangos. It has relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Humulene: Humulene is found in coriander, possessing an aroma like beer. It has antibacterial and appetite suppressant properties.
  • Linalool: Linalool is in lavender, with many relaxing properties.
  • Limonene: As if the name didn’t give it away, Limonene is in citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. It has uplifting qualities, and may help control inflammation.

Why use terpsolate?

Terpsolate has all the benefits of CBD oil. That means you can use it for any of the medicinal purposes already treated by CBD. Beyond that, terpsolate has many qualities that might make it more appealing than CBD oils.

Terpsolate comes in solid crystals, but you can take it in a variety of ways. You can ingest it by simply putting it under the tongue, or add it to food or drinks like coffee or orange juice. It even works in homemade CBD oil. Due to its purity, terpsolate is easy to measure dosage because it has a nearly 1:1 ratio of weight to CBD.

Because of the entourage effect and the presence of terpenes, it’s very possible that terpsolate is the most effective way to take CBD. Whether using it to manage anxiety, Parkinsons, or increase the quality of one’s life, terpsolate may very well be the product for you.

The latest information on terpsolate and hemp products

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