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Delta 8, or D8 as it’s also known, is a confusing cannabinoid, thanks to its name. Derived from the cannabis plant, its full name is Delta 8 THC. We all know THC is the cannabinoid that gets us “high,” that’s illegal in most states still. So, how does D8 work?

Even with THC in its name, D8 is still a legal hemp-derived cannabinoid. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, it’s yet another compound that’s available across the country. D8 only contains the legal amount of THC, which is 0.3 percent or less. 

Finding a place in the hemp market

Most hemp plants are no more than one percent D8. This isn’t very much, which means a large volume of biomass needs processing to extract a decent amount of the compound. Once it’s filtered, D8 extract is amazingly clear.

As the demand for D8 grows, it’s appearing in more products. Today, you can find D8 in vaping liquid, tinctures, sprays, and more.

Feeling the effects of D8

Interest in using D8 may arise from its potential health benefits. D8 may reduce nausea and pain, while also restoring appetite. This combination may make the cannabinoid an effective cancer treatment.

Additionally, the way D8 may make you feel might contribute to its appeal. Rather than feeling “high,” like you would with THC, D8 provides a lucid and uplifting sensation that can help you maintain calm and tranquility. If you suffer from anxiety or paranoia when using THC, D8 may prove an effective alternative, without those side effects.

D8 vs D9

With only a few differences in atomic bonds, not much physically separates D8 THC, a cannabinoid, from D9 THC, what we simply call THC. However, how they make you feel is quite different. D8 is less intoxicating. It leaves you feeling more functional after ingesting it, which is better than what can sometimes occur after taking D9. There’s also the legal element to think about between these two compounds. D8 has low enough levels of THC to make it legal across the US. D9 is the main ingredient in marijuana. It’s still not legal in every state. Getting caught with it can still get you in trouble.

Grinding and extracting

To properly prepare hemp plants for extracting, a few things need to happen. First, you may want to dry your hemp. The best way to do this is through an industrial dryer. Not only do they work fast, but they have a large capacity that makes drying an entire hemp crop a much less tedious affair. From there, you want to prepare your plants for extraction. This may mean separating the flowers from the stems and other plant matter, or cutting your hemp down to smaller pieces.

Once that’s done, you need to select your method of extraction. One popular option is to use ethanol. Because it works when heated at a lower temperature than other solvents, it has a slower risk of harming any valuable compounds within the hemp plant. 

After the extraction process is complete, and the cannabinoid of your choice gets separated out from the plant matter, you may want it to undergo further refinement. This allows you to decide how pure you want your final product to be. If you opt for a full-spectrum oil, it’s okay to have more than one cannabinoid in your final product. In fact, that’s the whole point. A broad-spectrum oil is more refined and pure. Which direction you go can impact the value of the compound you’re selling to manufacturers. 

Working with Arbor Vita8

WIth a deep understanding of the industry, Arbor VIta8 uses ethanol extraction to create superior products. Our state-of-the-art facility includes a fully-automated extractor that maintains a high level of cleanliness and safety. Our process is also environmentally-friendly since we recycle a majority of the ethanol used in each extraction. Whether you’re trying your hand at D8 or playing it safe with CBD, we can help you create the highest-quality extract possible. Contact Arbor Vita8 today to learn more.


The Best Hemp Extraction Services in Alabama

Arbor Vita8 offers hemp extraction services that are both cost-effective and efficient. Our advanced facilities manage high-volume extractions with ease. We produce the highest quality CBD and CBG oil and distillates. Let us transform your hemp into the ideal products manufacturers are looking to buy. Contact us today to learn more about our extraction technology and our other seed-to-sale services. 

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