Journal Review: Industrial Hemp For Nutraceuticals

Hemp has a long and varied history dating back centuries. It’s long been recognized for its various benefits. But, due to the historical controversy around cannabis, progress in the industry was slow. Recent years have seen many strides, including the 2018 Farm Bill in the US. Efforts like this have opened the door to significant research on the crop.

While the opportunity is now available, there hasn’t been enough time for solid data. Researchers are using this time to find as many validating claims on the plant as possible. That’s why we at Arbor Vita8 decided to launch our Journal Review series. We investigate scholarly journal articles to stay up to date on hemp information. Today, we’ll look at a study that examines hemp for nutraceuticals.

Fun Facts About Hemp

One of the most interesting things about the piece is its wealth of information on hemp’s origins. They even taught us a few things about where the wondrous plant comes from. “Hemp is said to have lined the spine of the first copy of the Bible and set Columbus’s sails with canvas and rope.” These are only a few of the big moments along its timeline.

Hemp’s had quite the longevity when it comes to being sourced. It’s use for nourishment and healing properties transcends time, cultures, and much more. Regardless of the shape or capacity that it’s packaged in, there’s some benefit to be gained. This versatility spurred the researchers “interest in investigating the… use of industrial hemp in food and nutraceuticals.”

Tips for Growth

“It is estimated that the hemp market entails more than 25,000 products. These [include] textiles, clothing, rope, home furnishings, industrial oils, cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals.” Hemp is dense in properties that make it useful in each field listed. It’s been incorporated into a bevy of dishes and drinks, and even paired with some medicines. The latter has even seen a noticeable surge in recent years.

The upside to hemp is how convenient it is. Not only does it grow fast, but it also sports an eco-friendly makeup. The piece gives tips on the best environment for an efficient harvest. “Hemp grows best in sandy loam. [Ensure] good water retention and drainage at temps between 16–27 °C, in nutrient balanced soil.” If planting for fiber, it’s okay to plant each seed near one another. But for other uses, you’ll want to create some space.

The Future Of Hemp

The study found that we’re still dealing with after effects from cannabis prohibition. Still, the early studies have shown promise for its perceived health benefits. As hemp is not as complex as other crops to cultivate, this gives it an edge as a preferred industry.

There are already many credible institutions expanding their research into hemp. The studies call for even more production of the crop. The trend continues to sway more in favor of this approach, which bodes well for the industry’s future. We look forward to seeing it’s continued use for food and nutraceuticals.

Partnering With Arbor Vita8

You can review the cited article in full here. It’s a scientific deep dive, that puts the crop’s value into full perspective. You can check out our last journal review on industrial hemp here.

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