Journal Review: Industrial Hemp In North America

For today’s blog, we will be discussing an academic review included in an MDPI Agronomy journal. The article, Industrial Hemp in North America: Production, Politics and Potential, is open access, and you can also review it in its entirety here. Authors Jerome Cherney and Ernest Small submitted the article in September 2016. They would see it published by November of the same year.

The subject at hand? Manufacturing, business ins and outs, and overall future of industrial hemp. The in-depth piece begins with a complete deep dive on the origins of the cannabis plant. It has had a bit of a tumultuous run across the globe over the years, but that hasn’t stopped its progress. Take the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill in the US, for example. 

Hemp history

The authors begin by separating hemp from its psychoactive counterpart. The text reads, “‘Hemp’ or ‘Industrial hemp’ will be used interchangeably. [This] refers to non-intoxicating cannabis.” This means that part of the plant with low levels of THC, the compound responsible for marijuana’s effects. In all, the cannabis plant is a versatile crop. Its ability to service so many different avenues is no doubt a contributing factor to its success.

Some of this diversity, “includes non intoxicant, industrial preparations. Which could be… medicinal drugs or other useful chemicals, fiber products… and edible seed products.” (Cherney & Small, 2016). At Arbor Vita8, we specialize in hemp. We are a fully-integrated hemp processor. We also offer wholesale, retail, and white label services. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

How hemp supports so many fields

Hemp’s various uses number well into the tens of thousands. The article also cites the biggest moneymakers as fiber, oil seed, and pharmaceuticals. For fiber, the crop takes in multiple uses. Properties like bast and hurd are lauded for enabling hemp to function as a fiber. “Bast fibers are preferred for automotive applications, and making specialty papers and textiles. Hurd fibers are often used for animal bearing and hemp-lime construction applications. And sometimes also for fiberboard,” (Cherney & Small, 2016). The article proceeds to explore an even further breakdown of hemp fiber possibilities. 

Another major use for hemp is in oils. The plant has tons of healthy properties that can pass onto consumers with hemp-derived oils. For example, a great way to ingest hemp and its compounds is in your food.. You can accentuate a dish, add it to a beverage, and much, much more. 

The authors also examine the crop’s interactivity in the medicinal space. They offer an endless supply of information on the potential of this potent plant, enough to have us hopeful for the future growth of this exciting crop.

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Sources:Cherney, J., & Small, E. (2016). Industrial hemp in North AMERICA: Production, politics and potential. Agronomy,6(4), 58. doi:10.3390/agronomy6040058


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