Keeping your Types of Distillate Straight

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For those in the hemp industry, the word distillate carries a substantial meaning. Especially when you’re processing your hemp, it’s good to know exactly what distillate is.

But, the term isn’t exclusive to hemp. You’ll find it’s used in other industries. So, know your distillate.

The basic definition

Distillate, according to Merriam-Webster, has a broad definition. It’s either a liquid product condensed from vapor during the process of distillation, or something concentrated or extracted.

That definition explains hemp processing perfectly. Distillate gets made once it’s extracted from hemp.

The definition also works when it comes to oil.

My two distillates

While it’s not likely you’ll confuse the two, knowing which is which couldn’t hurt.

Distillate fuel oil

This encompasses many petroleum products created by distillation. It’s how we get diesel fuel. It’s also how fuel oils used in space heaters and electric power generation get made.

These types of distillates are classified by numbers and type of oil. You end up with No. 1, No. 2, and No. 4 in both diesel fuel and fuel oil distillate.

Petroleum distillates are also considered volatile organic compounds or VOCs. They’re often flammable and you should keep them at or near room temperature.

Hemp distillate

Distillate made from hemp includes any oil that’s extracted from the cannabis plant and made up of a specific set of cannabinoids. You’re in charge of what compounds stay within. Everything else that’s part of the actual plant gets stripped away during refinement. You’re left with a more potent compound when you’re all done.

An extensive and meticulous process takes place to achieve this level of purity, removing more and more of the undesired hemp compounds each time.

Hemp distillate serves as a base ingredient in many edible products and vape cartridges. Lacking flavor or aroma, it’s easy to add to a product without altering the taste.

Once distilled, the most prominent distillate in the oil gives the product its name. Usually, you end up with CBD distillate, although the other main cannabinoids are starting to gain traction in this form too.

Made the same way, but totally different

As you can see, it’s impossible to really confuse your distillates. Yes, they are all oils, but the uses for them vary greatly. It is worth noting, though, that the process itself has applications in many industries.

It’s also important to note that this is one of the most commonly found types of hemp oil, and that its potency makes it a popular ingredient for manufacturers. Consumers can use it “as is,” filling a cartridge and using it with a vape pen, or putting it into a vaporizer. You can also add drops to smokable hemp flower, your favorite smoothie, or any other food or beverage for a little something extra. Its lack of flavor means everything will continue tasting the same.

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