Lab Testing Hemp: What To Know Part I

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We’re back with another recap from our good friend Riley Kirk. As always, she dishes on all things hemp and cannabis. Today’s subject? Lab testing for hemp. Your hemp is almost like an extension of you. So that means you’ll always want it in the best condition possible to speak for you.

Lab testing is mandatory for retail hemp. This test is supposed to give you a good idea of this cut of the plant’s contents. This includes the good (terpenes, cannabinoids) and the bad (contamination) qualities. But there is rising concern over the validity of these tests. Learn more on the subject below.

Who’s Testing Your Crop

As Riley notes, “these labs are typically for profit, private labs… The cultivator or the processor [sends] samples to them to be tested. These products are usually tested by the batch, so it’s a very small amount.” There is also a distinction between parts tested for THC and contamination.

While this may seem like a foolproof plan, some are pointing out its flaws. Critics cite a lack of thorough checks and balances in the process. This is an obvious issue, as it could render the results inconclusive. This could mean a range of severe issues, like customers getting contaminated products!

Moving Towards Better Lab Testing

Thankfully, some states are already finding ways to address this! “States like Michigan are trying to combat this issue. Instead of the cultivator picking that nug, it’s actually the lab that’s going to pick the nug for testing.” How exactly does this help, though? Read more in our part two to this article, found here.

As always we appreciate our good friend Riley for joining us. Where would we be without her awesome, infinite cannabis knowledge!? Also, do you have more questions regarding hemp wholesale, retail, and processing? Contact us today!


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