Lab Testing Hemp: What To Know Part II


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We’re back with Part II of our look at hemp lab testing with Riley Kirk. Previously, she noted the concerns when it comes to most states’ testing policies. To recap, many areas allow processors to pick the sample of their crop they send for testing.

The issue is, processors are able to be more selective when picking the sample they send. They could purposely pick a better cut of the crop than some of its other offerings. This is somewhat disingenuous, and spells worse consequences if issues exist elsewhere in the crop.

Fixing The Issue With Lab Testing

We ended part one of the article noting how states like Michigan are already working to fix this. They’re making it so that labs will decide part of the yield is set in to sample. Here, Riley goes a step further to paint a more accurate picture.

“There’s expected variability within a plant… Each flower is going to have slightly different levels of certain compounds.” Still, in theory they should share a great deal of similarities. The extra concern arises when it comes to its THC content. “There’s been reports of a lot of falsification of data from labs.” But why?

Keeping Things On The Straight And Narrow Path

It appears that some have been “paying the labs to report numbers that are not accurate.” This deception can be for a number of reasons, the most of which being monetary incentives. As Riley notes, this probably could have been predicted.

The best way to avoid this is to keep your practices forthright. Also, there are several credible labs that wouldn’t even let something like this fly. Affiliate yourself with these entities so as to not get mixed up in anything unethical. This brings our latest Riley excerpt to a close! Have any more questions regarding retail or wholesale hemp/processing? Contact us today!


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