Liquid Nano or Nano Powder? Which Is Better?

Whether you know a lot about it already, or are hearing the words, “nano hemp” for the first time, this new way to deliver quality hemp cannabinoids is here to stay.

By shrinking hemp molecules down super small, the hemp game changes. You now have a compound that offers all the same benefits you may experience using hemp, but as a water-compatible product with a much higher bioavailability. That means the hemp absorbs into your bloodstream faster, you feel the effects sooner, and the dosage is more accurate because less gets wasted during digestion.

Any cannabinoid is available as nano hemp, usually in either a powder or liquid form, so how do you decide which is best for your products?

Nano as a powder

While it may look like a distillate or isolate, nano hemp in powder form is a completely different product. It’s extremely concentrated and extremely efficient at getting cannabinoids into your body. It also mixes completely in water or any other liquid.

When mixing nano powder into a liquid the two products combine, but you don’t sacrifice any of the stability of the nano. It stays as potent as it started out.

An added bonus to working with nano in powder form is the product’s shelf life. Typically, a bottle of hemp oil, regardless of cannabinoid, stays good for about 14-24 months. Nano hemp has an average shelf life that’s at least close to two years long.

The best products to mix with nano hemp powder

With a very light taste profile, you can pretty much use nano powder in anything, from coffee to edibles.

Some products to consider enhancing with nano hemp, rather than hemp oil, include:

  • Soft drinks and other beverages
  • Powdered drink mixes
  • Capsules and tablets
  • Baked goods

Nano as a liquid

Although you might get a nano liquid that looks a little cloudy, it’s still water-compatible and goes clear when mixed with water. In fact, the change in opacity is proof the nano emulsion is working properly.

In liquid form, the moment you drink a beverage with nano hemp in it, your body begins absorbing the cannabinoid. This fast-acting delivery method allows you to begin feeling potential effects from the cannabinoid much quicker. The tiny nano molecules, unlike the full-sized ones in hemp oil, can go right through the membranes in your body and straight to your bloodstream. This starts with your mouth and tongue. Large hemp molecules must get digested first, going all the way through your stomach and intestines.

This also means you get a complete dose of the cannabinoid. Nothing gets lost in digestion so it’s easier to accurately dose yourself. You should always follow the instructions on the package and/or consult with a medical doctor before setting your dose for any hemp product, but what’s different here is the accuracy. You’ll get closer to the stated dosage with nano hemp.

The best products to mix with nano hemp liquid

As a water-compatible solution, nano liquids are easily mixed in a variety of products, most often beverages. Nano fully disperses into the liquid for a complete mixture that won’t separate, which is often a side effect of mixing liquids with hemp oil, primarily because oil and water don’t mix.

Some existing products to consider adding the liquid form of nano hemp to include:

  • Energy shots
  • Coffee or tea
  • Superfood green drinks
  • Edibles
  • Gummies

The liquid form of nano also integrates successfully into topical products like lotions and balms. Applied to your skin, which is also a membrane, absorption happens fast, much faster than when using products with regular hemp oil.

Take you pick of nano hemp

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