Long Run Associates: The AV8 Podcast EP 11

Welcome back to the Arbor Vita8 Podcast! As always, we appreciate you taking the time to listen. We can’t blame you though; there’s so much to know about hemp! On today’s episode, we’re joined by Brian Long, CEO of Long Run Associates. The pair had the pleasure of making each other’s acquaintance at Atlanta 2021 CBD Con. Brian and his team at Long Run, are “top hemp and marijuana consultants.”

Jason sings their praises, saying the group really left an impression on him. He was able to spend some quality time with Brian and fellow Long Run partner Kevin. “They’re so aligned with our thoughts and beliefs in the business. We have to do shit together.” This opportunity for collaboration won’t only benefit the parties involved, either. In fact, this is a big win for the hemp space! It’s quality people meeting to deliver quality service.

How Long Run Associates Began

A mastery of the cannabis space isn’t the only thing that bonds the Long Run leadership team. As Brian confirms, each member has a wealth of experience as Operators in the US Army. “Special operation, aviation regiment,” he notes. After finishing his tenure in the military, he went on to work in aerospace for a decade.  It was his sister that brought cannabis’ potential to his attention. Following legalization in California, it became apparent that the landscape was changing.

Brian found that he had quite the green thumb upon entering the field. He began “investing in cultivations and cannabis as a whole. I got hooked on it.” From early on, Brian knew he wanted to contribute to the overall trajectory of the industry. He discusses his desire to help fellow participants. It wasn’t long before he’d identify the key failure points making it harder on cultivators. That’s when the solution became clear.

Cannabis Solutions

The widening of the cannabis industry’s growth hasn’t always yielded the best results. Of course, it’s a multi billion dollar industry, and it’s only going to get more successful. But that doesn’t always translate for the farmer. In 2019, many found themselves in unfortunate circumstances “due to processing bottlenecks.” Many of these were novel instances. They served as the first in a line of potentially crushing blows to newcomers.

The other, darker side of the coin is that many farmers were actively led astray. Poor-intentioned efforts left many farmers bearing the brunt of things. Add to this the fact of little to no justice for their troubles, and the picture is clear. Long Run, like AV8, wants to do their part in evening the playing field for every level of the hemp community. Their goal is to prepare farmers for success, regardless of what the industry may bring.

Arbor Vita8

Many thanks to our esteemed guest, Brian Long, and the team at Long Run Associates. We’re proud to have such a credentialed collaborator in our network. We look forward to our joint efforts advancing hemp culture! Have any other hemp related questions? Contact us today!


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