Making A Cannabis Salad With Dr. Riley Kirk

For some people, THC is simply too much. Not everyone is a fan of the “high” feeling that it’s famous for. That said, there are some alternatives that may suit this crowd a bit better. CBD is a popular option that’s known to stimulate anxiety, pain relief, and more! That brings us to a cannabis salad!

If you’re one of those people that don’t have an issue with THC, CBD may still be of use to you. If you’re in a state where cannabis is legal, and you’re looking to soften your current strain’s effects, it may be worth it to try a cannabis salad! Dr. Riley explains the concept below.


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Reasons For Going 50/50 Hemp & Cannabis

If you are approaching a T-Break, or just want to ease those “high” effects, try mixing both cannabis and hemp flower when indulging. This salad can help you balance the “perfect ratio of CBD to THC, in [Dr. Kirk’s] opinion.”

That’s not to say that 50/50 is the ratio that’s right for you. Feel free to experiment with different combinations of each to find your perfect balance. This can also be a fun way to spice up your current cannabis regimen.

CBD With Arbor Vita8

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