Managing Sleep On A T-Break, Part II with Dr. Riley Kirk

Dr. Riley Kirk has returned to once again discuss managing sleep while abstaining from THC. For chronic or regular users, anecdotal references show interesting impacts on a range of different factors. The most commonly noted was its impact on sleep.

Read on for a full list of recommendations for managing sleep on a T-Break. Also, for more information on hemp, you browse our extensive blog and resource collection! Dr. Kirk’s TikTok feed is also a great hotbed for all things cannabis. Be sure to follow both for daily updates!

Steps For Sleep Management

The first step Dr. Kirk notes is to take your time abstaining. Lower your usage over a gradual window of time. Dr. Kirk recommends “a week or two before that T-Break to slowly decrease the amount of [cannabis] that you use each day. Remember “[it] affects a lot of signaling systems in our body, and if we stop cold turkey, it can be shocking to your system.”

Sleep is one of the main examples in this case. It boils down to our bodies. “Your endocannabinoid system helps regulate your circadian rhythm and your sleep wake cycles.”

CBD For Sleep

Dr. Kirk’s next recommendation is to try quality products infused with CBD. She cites its sedating effects when consumed in high doses as a good alternative when T-breaking. She also notes other herbs that are known to help, like “lavender, skullcap, lemon balm, chamomile, nutmeg, [and] ashwagandha.”

Back on cannabinoids, CBD isn’t the only one on the spectrum aimed at sleep. It’s said that CBN is another in the lineage that helps to get you counting sheep sooner. Looking for bulk or retail CBD, CBN, or more to help encourage your sleep cycle? Reach out to us today! We have an entire catalog of products and services the fall under these categories.


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