Mango and Myrcene: A Match Made In Heaven?

A mango cut into halves with "Myrcene" written beneath in black letters

We’ve established in previous articles how connected cannabis and fruits can be. And you can read a more in depth look at myrcene here. But what about the pairing of Mangoes and Myrcene? Many seem to think that by bridging the two together, it can intensify that high. (Hey, that rhymed!).

But is there any credence to claim. You know you can trust Riley to get to the bottom of it. Before we continue, be sure to check out the rest of Riley’s videos on Tik Tok page. Also, browse our extensive collection of blogs. It is our goal to keep your informed on all things hemp and cannabis!


So what is myrcene? This is one of the more popular terpenes found in cannabis. By now, you’ve probably figured out that terpenes are what give cannabis its flavor and smell. So what makes myrcene so special? Quite a bit, actually!

It’s actually one of the top terps resting within cannabis plants. Like caryophyllene, it’s pretty spicy. Many report feeling ultra relaxed after experiencing this terpene. It’s found in a number of fruits and other foliage. According to Leafly, “myrcene represents over 20% of the terpene profile in modern strains. [But keep in mind] individual samples vary widely in their terpene content.”

How Does Myrcene Make You Feel

Myrcene is often sought for its strong effects of relaxation. In fact, many report that it knocks them right out. This could be a result of its historical recommendation as a tranquilizer.

As always, you have to take these anecdotal references with a grain of salt. That’s not to say that people are lying. But remember, these compounds effect everyone differently. There’s also the lack of  supporting data. This comes from years of legal restrictions on cannabis. Always keep this in mind to keep things in perspective.

So Where Do Mangoes Come Into Play?

So why do people mention mangos and myrcene together? It’s because “mangoes do contain myrcene.” As we’ve established, this is a terpene also found in some cannabis strains. Some have posited that by pairing the two, you’ll experience a stronger high!

So how credible is this hypothesis? Much like with a lot of the effect of cannabis, the jury’s out. First, you can never predict how cannabis will affect from person to person. Also, as Riley points out, the amount of myrcene in mangoes varies. Like us, no one mango is the same as the next. In theory, none of them have the requisite amount of myrcene to make a true impact.

So does that mean you shouldn’t try pairing the two? Not at all! Mangoes are really good for you! If nothing else, they make for a healthy snack when you have the munchies!

Arbor Vita8 & Riley Dee

As always, thank you for checking out our AV8 and Riley Dee mashup! There are many more to come! Be sure to follow Riley on Tik Tok, and comment and like all of her informative videos. If you have any hemp related questions, feel free to reach out to us at Arbor Vita8 today!

Clip Transcript

Riley Dee:

All right. So now let’s talk about if eating mangoes before you smoke will make you feel more high. Let’s talk a little bit of background, because this is actually kind of a good hypothesis. So we know that mangoes do contain myrcene. This terpene found in cannabis. So people are thinking that if you eat these mangoes prior to smoking, your high will be elevated. The issue comes in how much myrcene is in mangoes, because it’s really not a lot.

And just like cannabis, how there’s different strains, there’s different strains of mangoes. And they all contain different amounts of myrcene. In a hypothetical world, if you found a mango that had a ton of myrcene, and a cannabis strain with a ton of myrcene, you might feel some effects, but probably not. But same with the vitamin C story, mangoes are great for you. Vitamin C is great for you. So if you’re feeling extra good, keep on keeping on, because it’s not going to hurt.


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