Manufacturer Pain Points When it Comes to Hemp

The hemp industry is a fascinating one to work in because of how dynamic it is. It’s a complex chain of teams, all working to create the best extracts and hemp-derived products possible. At the start of this chain are the farmers. Holding things together in the middle are processors. And, at the end, the manufacturers create the products consumers buy on store shelves around the country. It’s not without its pain points, though.

It hasn’t always been easy for the last link in the chain to get their job done. However, with the right support from a processor who knows what’s what, it’s easy to help manufacturers thrive.

Transparency for consistency and quality hemp

One hard thing for manufacturers to get from processors is transparency. Having complete access into how extracts get made means the processor has to stay on the up-and-up at every stage of the process. That isn’t always the case.

This lack of transparency makes it “okay” for processors to cut corners. It creates inconsistencies in their output and quality.

Manufacturers want consistent flavor, texture, and viscosity. They also want processors to create high-quality extracts through the use of high-end machinery and high-end components.

At Arbor Vita8, we deliver homogenous flavor, texture, and viscosity profiles. This is possible through our established relationships with reputable growers. It also enables us to ensure a consistent quality in the hemp we process.

Additionally, Arbor Vita8 uses the most advanced, cryogenic technology. We manage processing through fully-automated, hands-free machinery. We keep the hemp safe from contamination, and only use clean, food-safe solvents. Our attention to detail means we don’t risk the quality of your hemp at any stage.

We’re happy to talk through our processes and procedures. We’re ready to share where our hemp comes from. It’s our goal to be a transparent processor so everyone we work with feels assured that our products are of the utmost quality.

Access to in-demand hemp extracts

Another manufacturer pain point is finding what’s ‘hot’ when it comes to cannabinoids, and having access to a ready supply. Trends in hemp change just as much as in any industry, but some cannabinoids are harder to produce in salable quantities than others. This leads to issues finding inventory and can impact the productivity of a manufacturer.

A good processor keeps their finger on the pulse of the industry, knows what’s in-demand, and has the capabilities to produce what manufacturers want.

Not only that, a good processor is able to meet demand when it comes to volume. It’s great if someone has a variety of cannabinoid extracts available, but not so great if quantities are too low to meet the needs of manufacturers.

With extensive industry experience, Arbor Vita8 understands hemp. We anticipate trends and are constantly exploring options to innovate and produce in-demand cannabinoids. We also have the right connections and relationships to stay on top of inventory, offering a diverse cannabinoid mix for manufacturers. We’re a one-stop shop for cannabinoids.

Even for manufacturers that aren’t sure exactly what they want, we provide formulation assistance. We help you decide what extracts, in what formats, will yield the highest profits.

Pricing reliability

You can’t talk about pain points without mentioning price. Hemp is still such a new industry that pricing structures move up and down inconsistently. Price fluctuations are hard to manage from a manufacturer’s perspective. They make it hard to budget.

One easy way to work with price fluctuations is by buying in high volume, from a single producer. That isn’t always possible, since there aren’t as many high-volume processors out there as you’d think.

The issue of price gets compounded by the existence of broker fees. Manufacturers don’t want the cost of dealing with a middle man. They’d rather work directly with the people who are a part of their supply chain.

As a founding member of a cannabis stability fund, Arbor Vita8 works on industry pricing, quality, and regulatory issues. We don’t need a broker to help us find manufacturers because we’re out there establishing relationships ourselves.

This enables our manufacturers to get access to high-volume yields of the most popular cannabinoids as our facility churns out superior extracts for your use.

Arbor Vita8 is where it’s at

If you’re a manufacturer who’s struggling with your current hemp processor, it’s time to make a change. Arbor Vita8 understands what you’re going through. We work hard to eliminate the speed bumps you may have experienced finding the right hemp extracts, in usable quantities, to turn a profit. Contact us today to learn more.


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