Microbe Testing For Hemp With Riley Kirk

We often tout the many benefits associated with hemp and its byproducts. However, the quality of your hemp can severely impact these traits. That’s why resources like microbe testing for hemp exist. This allows us to know the integrity of the product, which is an invaluable asset. More on that in the sections below. 

Riley goes into even further detail in the clip. Be sure to browse her Tik Tok feed for a ton of relevant and helpful information on hemp. Whether a beginner or a veteran in the hemp space, she’s likely covered something of use to you!

Covering the basics of microbe testing

“A microbe is a bacteria or a fungi.” Your initial reaction may be to recoil, but the truth is not every microbe is harmful. Some, however, rightfully earn your aversion. These can prove very dangerous to people. “These microbes we call pathogens.”

Different variations of cannabis come with varying risk levels. But, it should be a priority for all to be on the safe side. Pathogens can cause severe complications for healthy people. The “immunocompromised” are even more at risk. Hemp is a source of relief, and this kind of testing helps ensure that!

Covering All Bases With Arbor Vita8

Have any more questions about microbe testing or any other aspects of hemp? You’ve come to the right place! The Arbor Vita8 website is one massive library with aims of advancing hemp culture. If it’s about hemp, we likely cover it on our domain.

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