Have you ever wondered what would happen if you microwaved your hemp? The topic came up in a recent Tik Tok posted by our good friend Riley Kirk! While the clip’s focus is less on hemp, it still begs the question: what’s the effect, if any?

Hear Riley discuss the subject in further detail in the clip. Below, we’ll dive into some of the classic instances of heat’s impact on hemp. Also, be sure to like, comment, and follow Riley’s page! Her feed is a breeding ground for spot on cannabis education. Read on to learn more!

Heating Up Hemp

There are a number of instances where heating up hemp can deliver valuable outcomes. For example, one of the DIY processes for making oils from hemp relies on it. They refer to this process as decarb-ing, or decarboxylation. In short, once hemp buds reach a certain temperature, it’s benefits activate.

The same concept goes for smokable hemp. It’s not until you light the pre-roll that the flower activates. The flames are the key to unlocking its effects. It is intriguing, then, to know that noteworthy figures in cannabis culture advocate the use of a microwave to further enhance this effect.

Sourcing Products With Arbor Vita8

Let’s say you place your hemp flower in a tobacco wrap. Some are reporting a variety of benefits from putting these blunts in the microwave. The anecdotal reports vary in both scope and scale. Some say it’s good for eliminating excess saliva on the wrap. Others say it intensifies the overall impact.

Rile is going to get to the bottom of this! Along with an esteemed colleague, she’ll test these claims in a controlled experiment. Be sure to check back in for the results of this experiment! Also, if you have any need for bulk, wholesale, or otherwise in the hemp space, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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