Minnesota Wild Hemp: An AV8 Journal Review

While there’s plenty to be concerned about in the present, it’s still good to look back. Who knows, there may be a lesson in your previous experiences that speaks volumes to where you are now. This is exactly the case when it comes to the story of Minnesota Wild Hemp.

At the dawn of the 1940s, “Cannabis was heavily regulated by the Marijuana Tax Act (MTA)… [This] did not prohibit it but still imposed expensive fines and possible imprisonment.” That era’s equivalent of the DEA only left enough wiggle room for select experiments. These were often aimed at helping them understand cannabis a bit better. Minnesota wild hemp was the first hemp crop to be pulled for study by this group.

Harvesting Hemp In The Mid 1900’s

The article goes on to review “Minnesota wild hemp harvesting and initial large-scale processing.” Can you imagine growing and treating hemp without the marvels of modern technology? Well these early figures in the space didn’t have to imagine it; it was their reality!

The article goes into great detail explaining these conditions, as well as how the flagship initiative fared. “It was stored for 6 weeks in a room where a fan assured circulation of air in order to dry it completely. No molding occurred.” You can learn more about their process and how they meticulously ensured their crops’ safety in the study.

Hemp In The 2020’s With AV8

Post-harvest processes were also examined by the article. They involved ethanol-based extraction, whose resulting oil produced some pretty intriguing results. Even back then, it was clear that hemp had a ton to offer.

We felt an almost kinship when reading about these early trials. They were using methods and action steps that serve as the same foundation for most industry members today. At Arbor Vita8, we offer full on harvest, processing, and extraction services. Contact us today to learn more!


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