Myrcene: One Of The Most Popular Terpenes Currently

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Cannabis is among the most versatile crops this planet has seen. That’s because it’s properties seem to know no bounds! The same goes for their benefits. One of the most common properties discussed is that of terpenes. There are many different kinds of terpenes, each with their own set of unique effects. For today’s clip, our good friend Riley Dee breaks down Myrcene.

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Activating The Terpenes

It generally takes an external process to activate the effects of cannabis. When Myrcene is present, it takes at least 168 degrees celsius (or 334 Fahrenheit) to achieve this. The smells common in this terpene can be earthy, medicinal, and sometimes even fruity. 

If you have plans, this terp may be a doozy. That’s because it can produce a strong sense of relaxation. That’s not to say it’s disorienting. It is advisable, though, that it be handled with care! It’s likely best enjoyed after hours, before turning in for the evening. 

Associated Benefits

We distinguish Myrcene by its many beneficial properties. The impact it has on the human body is nothing short of a marvel. It works as an antibiotic, disinfectant, is fungicidal, and as an anti-inflammatory agent. Now let’s look at some of the other places to find this terpene.

Cannabis isn’t the only place that this terpene is. Myrcene is in a few different herbs and fruits. They are also in citrus fruits, as well as in mangos. They are also in several herbs, including thyme, lemongrass, and bay leaves*. 

More Facts On Myrcene

“Myrcene is the most abundant terpene in cannabis,” says Riley. “It’s able to bind to your TRPV1 Receptors in your brain.” TRPV stands for Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid. The 1 refers to its subfamily classification. These are the same receptors that react to compound in peppers that make them spicy. “TRPV1 is not the same kind of receptor as cannabinoid receptors… though it is found near them”.

In addition to its above listed uses, it can also have a huge impact on pain, ptsd, and more. Even those struggling with fear can look to this compound for relief. Its dynamic features make for a truly full figured amalgam.

Myrcene And Mangos

One point that often comes up is, what happens if you consume multiple things that have myrcene? For example, both cannabis and mangos have the terpene. So does this mean you’ll get a double dose of the sedative effects? The truth is, it’s not likely. Most fruits don’t have enough of the compound to the point that you’d see a noticeable difference.

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Clip Transcript

Riley Dee:

Let’s keep up this Terp Talk and move on to Myrcene, the most abundant terpene in cannabis. And yes, we’ll get to the mangoes. Myrcene dominant strains of cannabis tend to make people feel really sleepy. And this is because myrcene is a mild sedative. What’s unique about this terpene is it’s able to bind to your TRPV1 receptor in your brain. TRPV1 receptors are best known by being activated by capsaicin, that molecule in hot peppers that makes you feel hot.

What we discovered from studying capsaicin is if we activate these TRPV1 receptors, they become desensitized really easily, and then we don’t feel pain as much. So this receptor is of interest to scientists for treating pain, fear, anxiety, and PTSD. Another interesting thing about this receptor is it’s co-localized so it’s found near cannabinoid receptors. Which got researchers thinking there’s probably some crosstalk there. You do need to reach a certain threshold of levels of myrcene and combine with THC for full effects.


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