Nanotechnology: Is This The Future Of The Hemp Industry?

By Noah Chen

It may sound like a joke, or a fad, but nanotechnology may very well be the future of the hemp industry.

Making things small, like really, really small, might not seem like it has an obvious impact on the world of hemp. However, the reality is this technology might enable a wealth of new ways to enjoy hemp. Strains could become stronger, grow faster, and are more reliable than ever before.

Nanotechnology can make hemp better

One of the issues with cannabinoids, on the medicinal level, is that they are hydrophilic. This means our bodies don’t absorb them all that well.

This changes when those cannabinoids are tiny — let’s say nano-sized — and blended with another substance forming a nanoemulsion. In this state, cannabinoids are permanently and stably stored in a liquid and consumed when ready.

Not only does this aid in convenience, but the nano-cannabinoids (ca-nano-binoids?) are more efficient than their larger counterparts and take action faster. This means that edibles, which have consumers waiting about an hour or two to experience an effect, can kick in within fifteen minutes.

Nanotechnology’s medicinal revolution for hemp

This science is especially exciting for anyone interested in developing products out of hemp. Cannabinoid nanoemulsions mean producers have more control over how their cannabinoids behave. Nanoemulsions can bring to hemp the precision necessary to make next-level products. Think time-released, cannabinoid-based products that could continue working throughout the day. What would this mean for consumers who look to hemp-derived products for pain relief?

As we learn more about the impact of nanotechnology on cannabinoids, new ways to take advantage will no doubt get discovered.

Still need convincing?

The combination of nanotechnology and hemp may have big results. But, more work must happen to understand how cannabinoids behave on such a small scale.

Nanoparticles don’t act like larger ones. Some tests with nanoemulsions show the nanoparticles end up in places they shouldn’t, causing problems in the lungs of test animals.

More tests are definitely necessary before we experience another hemp revolution. But it won’t feel too surprising if cannabinoid nanoemulsions take a step out in front. They may even become a primary delivery device of medicinal, hemp-derived products in the future.

Stay on top of hemp, in all its forms

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