Navigating A Limited API Isolate Supply

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, or API isolates are the cutting edge of cannabinoid development. New refinement processes can help create pure CBD, CBN, CBG, and CBC isolates that meet the requirements of pharma companies across the U.S. This is also why the current API Isolate supply shortage has become a topic of discussion.

Let’s look at API isolates and how to harness their potential in this specific way.

What Are API Isolates?

To create any isolate, hemp undergoes a gentle refinement process. This removes all unwanted compounds and plant matter from the plant. This process leaves only the desired cannabinoid in a form that is 99 percent pure.

Every step of creating API isolates is secure. There are also more checkpoints and documentation to make sure the isolates are safe. These extra steps give manufacturers confidence that they are working with high-quality ingredients.

There are many benefits to processing cannabinoids in this way:

  • Isolates are so pure they do not have an odor or taste. The cannabinoids can get added to any product without changing its taste, texture, or flavor.
  • From a pharmaceutical perspective, the ability to isolate the desired cannabinoid to its purest form means consistency in doses. This is virtual when using cannabinoids in medications of any kind.

Is the API Isolate Supply Limited?

There has been an explosion of interest in cannabinoid production. Investors should be aware of a few supply factors, including:

  • API isolates are pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, so they must meet the highest quality standards.
  • High industry demands can result in higher cost of production for API isolates  than commodity-grade isolates.
  • There are fewer API-certified labs in operation. 
  • Hemp harvest cycles also can determine the supply of raw material needed for refinement.

Supply may feel limited as demand ebbs and flows between harvest and pharmaceutical production cycles. It also means that those looking for API isolate should find a partner processor. This is someone who’s already able to make the product.  Establish a long-term relationship with them for the best access.

How Can I Navigate Limited API Isolate Supply?

Like we saw with the CBD boom, the use of API isolates is expanding daily. The demand for API isolates also has the potential to spike as the word spreads. It’s also a little different than the CBD boom too. While there was confusion around CBD, whether it was actually legal, how it would affect you, etc. There’s none of that around API isolate. If you see any cannabinoids in medications, you know you’re dealing with a carefully vetted ingredient. One that must meet certain quality standards.

Keeping up with demand means processors are going to need to learn how to extract API isolate and what regulations to follow. This is not something every processor can automatically do, so even when supply is hard to find, you must be picky with who you buy from. As a manufacturer, you should work with people you trust. As a processor, you should earmark inventory specifically for those cannabinoids that you know are most in-demand, whether it’s plain, old CBD or API isolate.

Find a Trusted, Experienced Supplier

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