Pfizer And The Cannabis and Hemp Markets

If there’s one thing we can count on our friend Dr. Riley Kirk for, it’s to keep us up to date on all things hemp and cannabis! Today, she’s taking to Tik Tok to tackle a big topic: pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has acquired Arena Pharmaceuticals.

Be sure to show her channel some love! It feels like a never ending black hole of pertinent information that you’d love to get lost in! There’s nothing like educational entertainment! Follow, like, and comment on her content here! Read on for a further breakdown of this new acquisition and what it means for the industry!

Possible Treatment For Bowel Disease?

Prior to Pfizer and its billion dollar acquisition, “Arena Pharmaceuticals [already had] multiple late stage clinical trial drugs that show very promising data.” One of the drugs has shown great promise as an effective treatment for “bowel diseases. Also, a reminder, we don’t really have any good treatments associated with these diseases [i.e., IBD & IBS].”

Also, the drug “is over 1,000 fold functional selectivity for the cannabinoid 2 receptor, over the cannabinoid 1 receptor.” If you’ll recall, CB1 Receptors are connected to the brain and is where that psychoactive feeling synthesizes. In this case, the CB2 receptor “has very low brain penetration, so it doesn’t cross your blood brain barrier. [Instead, it’s] located in your immune cells, colon cells, and peripheral cells.”

Hemp Information With Arbor Vita8

Of course, time will tell how things will play out. In the mean time, stay tuned into both Dr. Riley Kirk and Arbor Vita8! We’ll be keeping you in the know on relevant hemp and cannabis information as it becomes available. Check back for weekly updates!

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