Plant Production of Molecules

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Why would two cannabis plants that are the exact same strains produce different amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes based on where it’s grown? First of all, the cannabis plant production of molecules is not for the purpose of getting people high. Those molecules are being produced in order for the plant to protect and defend itself. If the plant doesn’t need to protect itself, it will not produce large amounts of those molecules.

Producing Cannabinoids

Plants need to protect themselves for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason may be, it will change the amount of molecules that the plant is producing. For instance, if a plant is producing cannabinoids because it needs to protect itself from light and you’re not providing the plant with enough light, the plant will not be producing a lot of those cannabinoids because it doesn’t need to protect itself.

Producing Terpenes

Just like cannabinoids, terpene production changes based on the situation the plant is in. Terpenes are known to have antimicrobial properties. If no microbes are present, it won’t produce as many terpenes because it won’t have to protect itself. Energy is the currency of life and if a cannabis plant doesn’t have to put energy towards producing certain molecules, then it won’t! Some factors that can change the amount of molecules produced by the plant are light intensity, light spectrum, temperature, predation, microbes, humidity, and air CO2 concentration.

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