Playing It Safe With Biomass Extraction

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By Harrison Thacker

Times continue to change. Just when it seemed like the outside world couldn’t think of more perils to send our way, enter COVID-19. The whole world paused as this unseen terror tore through the very fabric of our society. We saw age-old traditions upended with few foreseeable remedies. ‘Quarantine’ and ‘social distance’ have become typical in the global lexicon. So has the act of maintaining space from others. It could mean the difference between life and death.

Even states that chose to reopen are now forced to rethink and scale back strategies. Almost all businesses are dealing with the impact of COVID-19. But, how much has the need for social distancing affected typical hemp-related processes? In the case of safe biomass extraction, luckily, very little.

Biomass extraction

Biomass extraction is one of many lucrative aspects of the hemp industry. This revenue doesn’t come without its challenges, however. Each option for extraction has its own set of complexities and guidelines. Farmers want to work with an extractor who focuses on efficiency, safety, and quality. At Arbor Vita8, we use an ethanol extraction method, powered by our Entexs-engineered equipment. This process is already hands-off, which makes it great for maintaining social distance. Our full-automated system means limited human interaction, leading to safe biomass extraction. This is important no matter the state of the world.

Hemp is easily contaminated by the surplus of germs people carry from the outside world. With the extractor bearing the brunt of the work, we can preserve the integrity of the yield. These careful methods also preserve much of the ethanol used each time. We’re able to repurpose over 80 percent of used ethanol for future extractions. Our process is good for people and the environment.

Steps for biomass sanitation

Limited human interaction, as well as the complete sanitation of hemp, are key for nutrient-rich, safe biomass extractions. This level of care even starts before extraction. How you dry and store biomass matters too. The best approach is a ‘clean room’ mentality. You want to take it one step above cleaning equipment after each use. Anything organic that was once in the room should get removed from the room. Failure to do so can result in vermin and germs that are poisonous to the operation.

After removing everything, rooms are then cleaned from top to bottom. This one is going to take all the elbow grease you have, folks. Following an exhaustive sweep, you can either vacuum or pressure wash for good measure. Next, spray the room down with an appropriate cleaning mixture. Once dry, it’s time to move the biomass into the room. Make sure everyone handling the plant matter is wearing gloves. You want to keep the hemp protected even when it’s in the clean room.

Arbor Vita8 knows how to keep it safe

Now more than ever, hemp farmers are searching for safe biomass extraction. The existence of COVID-19 has only compounded things. Many farmers and processors have stringent PPE measures to protect staff and product.

Arbor Vita8 has always prioritized safety and quality. We use strategies that are best for the plant and environment. We’re always ready to go the extra mile to preserve your hemp biomass as it goes through our processing services. From harvesting to drying to extraction, Arbor Vita8 offers a complete seed-to-sale selection of resources and support. Contact us today to learn more.


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