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By: Noah Chen

One of the most exciting things about the hemp industry is just how new it is. Farming hemp only became legal in 2018. With that came the explosion of all-new, never-before-seen CBD products. While smoking CBD flower works alright, and vaping CBD oil might be better, there is a form of CBD that nears 100 percent purity — CBD crystals. This particular product has no pesticides, no waxes, and no other cannabinoids. You’re getting pure CBD.

Why use CBD crystals?

The health benefits of CBD are numerous. It may prove instrumental in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, Parkinsons, and many other ailments. CBD might even act as a neuroprotective agent. This means using it might lessen the chance of developing Alzheimer’s or getting strokes later in life. Because of its potential versatility, it’s no wonder the CBD industry is growing as fast as it is.

However, not all CBD products are equal. If you want the purest CBD possible, then CBD crystals are the way to go. These colorless, odorless, tasteless crystals consist of 99 percent CBD (in contrast, CBD oils are around 60-90% CBD).

This purity means measuring dosage with CBD crystals is simple. There is a direct 1:1 ratio of crystal milligrams to CBD content. Often with oils or flower, it’s hard to gage just how much CBD you’re ingesting. Not so with crystals. Additionally, because CBD crystals are so pure, you can take them safely. There is no THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana that leads to the high, in them.

At the end of the day, the purer the CBD, the easier it is to use and consume.

How are CBD crystals made?

Unfortunately, the equipment needed to manufacture CBD crystals is not widely produced or sold. It is usually preferable to buy CBD crystals from a vetted source.

That being said, the process of making CBD crystals is actually relatively simple. First, crude CBD oil is “winterized,” which is a process that helps separate the CBD molecules from fatty molecules within the oil.

The winterized CBD is then mixed with an alcoholic solvent and placed inside a tube, which leads into a collection flask. A filter of sand goes into the bottom of the tube as well.

Once you load the CBD into the tube, it gets pressurized. This process pushes the CBD oil through the solvent and sand, and into the collection flask. This process gets repeated multiple times, with each pass through the tube filtering out non-CBD molecules.

The substance in the collection flask is still in liquid form, so it’s gently heated until it evaporates away. What’s left is only pure CBD crystals.

How to use CBD crystals

What makes CBD crystals so accessible is you can ingest them in many different ways. A spoonful of crystals will dissolve under your tongue for easy ingestion. You can also try a more advanced technique such as dabbing them using specialized rigs.

You can easily add CBD crystals to food or drinks since they are tasteless. Some people even put them in their morning coffee!

Cooking with CBD crystals might actually be the best way to ingest them thanks to the entourage effect. This improves the effects of CBD and all cannabinoids. The effectiveness of one compound gets enhanced by the inclusion of another.

While CBD does have medicinal uses on its own, its effectiveness may increase when you ingest other compounds from the hemp plant as well. Terpenes are one of the most important of these. They’re found in many different plants, and are responsible for the fragrance and flavor of hemp. When cooking with CBD, you can add ingredients outside of those made from hemp, that have terpenes. Great examples are basil, lavender, or cinnamon, all of which can boost the effectiveness of CBD.

The wide world of CBD

The world of CBD products continues to grow every year – heck, it feels like new forms of CBD are coming out monthly. The Arbor Vita8 team works to stay informed of the latest CBD trends, so we can share that information with you. We then offer the best extraction and processing services to ensure you end up with a superior product. Whether you’re looking to sell full-spectrum oil, CBD crystals, or another hemp-derived product, we’re here to help. Our expert staff and top-quality machinery mean you’re never disappointed when working with Arbor Vita8. Contact us today to learn more.


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