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Arbor Vita8 and Long Run Associates are proud to share their collective resources and expertise with individual farmers looking to grow hemp. Our partner farmers will receive resources, advice, industry insights and more. This allows us to serve you throughout the entire process. From seed selection to final sale of product we’re here for you.

The goal is to help hemp farmers create a quality product. We combine market experience and knowledge with the best processing facility around.

Take advantage of our carefully selected genetics, equipment, and best practices to ensure a profitable experience from start to finish.

Building a hemp business

For help in implementing best practices around every area of your business, our partner, Long Run is there. Any activity involved in growing hemp is in our wheelhouse. We work to help farmers integrate modern business strategies and practices for greater success.

Focusing on the little things that make a big impact, we look at benchmarks related to cost, performance, and scheduling.

Selecting the right seeds and genetics

When it’s time to think about the plants, the first step for hemp farmers is to pick the right starter. Arbor Vita8 offers land and soil testing to ensure proper genetic selection for your land. We then extend wholesale pricing for seeds, seedlings, and clones that can save you big.

We only work with the highest quality genetics, and focus on what strains are in demand. This allows us to help you create superior plant crops.

Cultivating the perfect plant

Even before you plant the seeds, Arbor Vita8 makes sure you have the right resources to successfully cultivate your crop. We offer plenty of support in preparing your field.

While as the farmer, you’re responsible for growing your plants, we’re here to advise you on spacing, bedding, plastic application and more. We can even help you secure the best organic nutrients and set up an optimal pest control strategy.

Harvesting time

When the plants are ready, we’ve got the big equipment to complete harvesting, and you don’t even have to transport the hemp.

Arbor Vita8 Dry provides access to remote drying that makes the process quick and ensures your harvested hemp doesn’t sit wet for too long.

Once the hemp is ready for processing, it’s off to our high-end facility in Phenix City, Alabama where it’s handled with care.


With a state-of-the-art, high-capacity extractor, Arbor Vita8 can pull the lucrative oils from your biomass at a rate of 5,000 pounds per day. We can create crude oil if that’s currently of interest to manufacturers as well. When demand requires we take the process one step farther and end up with distillate or t-free distillate, Arbor Vita8 is on it.

Demand, and feedback from Long Run on the market, influences what we extract to give you the best return on their crop.


Our dedicated sales team helps conclude the process of being a hemp farmer by helping get it sold. We work with our network of manufacturers to complete the sale. Product sells at market price to then go on to make hemp-derived products throughout the country.

Dedicating all our resources to your experience

The unique relationships we are able to build with our hemp partners is only possible because of the team we’ve established to help you succeed.

Combining our expertise, facilities, connections, and equipment with that of our mobile hemp drying division and the amazing Long Run team gives you an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Contact us today to learn more.


The Best Hemp Extraction Services in Alabama

Arbor Vita8 offers hemp extraction services that are both cost-effective and efficient. Our advanced facilities manage high-volume extractions with ease. We produce the highest quality CBD and CBG oil and distillates. Let us transform your hemp into the ideal products manufacturers are looking to buy. Contact us today to learn more about our extraction technology and our other seed-to-sale services. 

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