Ready to Try A Zero-THC CBD Tincture?

Although it’s perfectly legal to have a little bit of THC in hemp products today, not everyone wants it. This demand has led to THC-free CBD products hitting store shelves.

A great way to try CBD for the first time, products without THC let you experience any potential benefits of the popular cannabinoid without ingesting any of the many other compounds that come from hemp.

When selecting the right Zero-THC product, there are a few things to consider — how it tastes, what’s in it, and how you use it. For those looking to explore the benefits of CBD, without any other cannabinoids in the mix, a tincture provides an easy-to-use, discreet, and fast-acting option.

What is Zero-THC CBD?

Initially, after a hemp crop gets harvested, dried, and processed, an initial extraction produces crude oil. This is the original oil you get from hemp and it’s full of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. However through additional refinement, it’s possible to isolate a single cannabinoid from the mix, distilling the crude oil down to a single compound. This is how you get CBD oil with no THC in it.

The benefit to having CBD oil without THC is that consumers who’d like to try CBD, but are hesitant to ingest THC because of its connection to marijuana, have a choice. Removing the THC, however, doesn’t lessen the potential for you to experience benefits from the CBD. Many users, who opt for a Zero-THC tincture, have noted feeling less anxious and stressed. Others have noted a decrease in muscle pain and inflammation when using CBD.

How do I use a tincture?

Tinctures are a great way to consume CBD because they’re fast and discreet. You place a drop or two under your tongue, hold it there for a minute, and you’re ready to go.

Even better, because tinctures let you absorb the CBD through the lining of your mouth and tongue, rather than having to digest it through your stomach, you should experience effects faster. Carrying a small bottle of tincture with you means you can quickly take a few drops when you need it, throughout the day, and wait less time for the CBD to kick in.

Do I have flavor options?

You won’t find flavor choices with every brand of tincture, although there’s no shortage when it comes to variety. The earthy taste of CBD isn’t for everyone, so many manufacturers add essential oils to mask the natural flavor and make for a more tasty product.

At Arbor Vita8, our CBD Zero THC Tincture  comes in three flavors. For those who consider using a tincture to be a treat, there’s chocolate mint. If you’re looking for something a little more refreshing, we offer the tincture in orange. Last, but not least, you can keep the tincture pure with its original taste.

Other flavors out there hit every taste on the scale. You can find sugary skittle or citrusy lemongrass. So much variety lets you cater to your own palette when deciding which tincture is  right for you.

Where do I purchase a high-quality Zero THC tincture?

Offering a superior CBD Zero THC Tincture, Arbor Vita8 extracts only the highest quality CBD. Our tincture gives you a pure dose of a single cannabinoid. This is a tincture we love so much that we use it ourselves.
With competitive prices and a variety of different size options, our CBD Zero-THC Tincture beats out the competition. Come shop on our online store to check it out.


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