Red Eyes: What Causes This After Cannabis Use

Close up of a person's irritated and red eye, with green iris

The effects of cannabis use range all over the biological spectrum. Anecdotal claims have shown it impact anxiety, pain, stress, and more in a favorable manner. But what about some of the physical evidence that you’ve partaken. Is there a scientific explanation for that? You bet there is!

Of the many effects cannabis can have on you, some can show on you fairly quickly. Red eyes are some of the most common, and sometimes most humorous effects. To learn more on how and why this happens, read on below! Afterwards, check out Riley’s TikTok page for an even greater wealth of information!

Common Effects After Using Cannabis

Before we dive into red eyes, let’s look at some of the other common side effects of cannabis use. Cottonmouth is a pretty common one. This refers to when your mouth dries out following use. You can read a more in depth article on that here.

Then there’s the often reported psychoactive effects. This is what makes you feel “high”. This inebriation comes from your THC bonding with your CBD1 receptors. Specifically Delta 9 THC. This is in contrast to other versions of THC, like Delta 8 THC. This provides many of the benefits of THC minus the high feeling.

So Why Red Eyes?

“One of the most famous signs that you’re high! It really all comes down to this concept of vasodilation.” This is when your blood vessels expand, allowing for an even steadier stream of blood flow.

So what’s a big indication that this is happening? You guessed it! “Your eyes turn from white, to either pink or red.” Is this a bad thing? Not at all! In fact, it actually means your vision gets better! That’s not to say you shouldn’t exercise caution in this case though!

How Do I Fix This?

Let’s say you don’t want your eye to be red anymore. There’s a solution for that, literally! Eye Drops are great for restricting the blood vessels in your eyes. That’s because they are “a vasoconstrictor.” Riley warns against getting too liberal with those drops, though. “Using too many eye drops can actually be bad for you. So you should check with your doctor before using them everyday.” 

Likewise, there are common fixes for other effects of cannabis use. For example, you can always treat cottonmouth with water! This helps to cut down on the dehydration in general that can occur. With regards to that high feeling, exercise a little more caution there. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. You can always get more “high”, but you can never get “un-high”!

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Clip Transcript

Riley Dee:
Sure. Let’s talk about why your eyes turn red when you use cannabis, one of the most famous signs that you’re high. It really all comes down to this concept of vasodilation. That means that the blood vessels in your body actually become wider when you use cannabis, and when those blood vessels are larger, it means that more blood is able to travel through them.

Typically, we don’t even really notice when our blood vessels are larger, unless you feel faint, but when you look at your eyes, you notice because they turned from white to either pink or red. This is literally the enlarged blood vessels surrounding your eyeballs that you can now see better because there’s more blood surrounding them. Now, how do we get rid of this? We use eyedrops, right, like Visine. That is a vasoconstrictor, so it actually makes your blood vessels smaller again. Using too many eyedrops can actually be bad for you, so you should check with your doctor before you use them every day.


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