Reliable D8: Riley Tackles Delta-8 THC

Reliable D8 is always coming up in conversation when it comes to controversial hemp products. Unlike other forms of THC, it’s not subjected to as many legal restrictions. That’s because, unlike it’s marijuana based contemporaries, it’s not psychoactive. It even qualified for retail following the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Still, it’s often a source of confusion, with some locations going a step further to ensure its prohibition. We decided to check in with our good friend Riley Kirk to get her expert opinion. Right off the bat, she makes it clear she’s a fan!

Delta-8 As Medicine

“I think Delta-8 is a wonderful option for states who have not legalized cannabis,” Riley says in the clip. “And for people who want to use cannabis as medicine in those states.” She goes on to list a healthy amount of pros that come with the compound’s use.

First, reliable D8 is more stable than its THC counterparts. This allows retailers the promise of an extended shelf-life. Also, as noted earlier, it’s non-psychoactive. That means it wont impair your motor skills, nor will it prevent you from going about your normal routine! It makes the entire process much more convenient if your concerns lie in this area.

Arbor Vita8

For more information on the process behind making reliable D8, watch the clip! Riley notes how difficult and demanding the process is, hence why it can be more rare than some of its counterparts. Having a trusted chemist is a great start, but even then the considerations are plentiful.

As always, many thanks to our pal Riley for sharing her knowledge with us. Be sure to check out her TikTok, which includes all up to date info on her brand endeavors. Have specific questions about the hemp industry? Contact us today!


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