Wholesale White Labeling

Quality is of the highest importance at Arbor Vita8. We put it at the forefront of all our services, but also our products. Offering up superior hemp-derived products for white labeling manufacturing, we’re here to support your business. Re-brand the items we’ve already tested and verified are up to our standards with your own business name to really make an impact in the market.


Wholesale White Label Products

With demand continuing to grow, Arbor Vita8 offers a wide variety of white label hemp products for you to utilize under your own brand. You have the option to pick the type of product, which cannabinoid it highlights, and whether it’s a full-spectrum or t-free item. Arbor Vita8 has plenty of options, each crafted with the utmost care and attention to quality for the best possible product.

Approximately 1 ml of golden yellow THC in a dropper in front of a bottle of THC


A discrete and fast-acting way to get popular cannabinoids into your system, tinctures are easy-to-use. Place a few drops directly under your tongue and hold there for a few minutes. The liquid absorbs quickly through the tongue and lining of the mouth for a speedier effect. It’s a perfect product for frequent users to pluck off the shelves.

CBD Tinctures

Taking advantage of the popularity of CBD, you’ll find multiple types of tinctures available that highlight this cannabinoid. Arbor Vita8 offers both full-spectrum and T-free options to appeal to those who are okay with minimal amounts of THC in their products, and those who aren’t. We even offer white labeling services for anyone interested in selling pet CBD

CBG Tinctures

For those looking to capitalize on a big up-and-comer in the hemp world, CBG tinctures are a great product to have on the shelf. Not as popular, yet, as CBD, this cannabinoid is quickly taking its place in the market.

CBN Tinctures

Even those cannabinoids that are harder to find within the hemp plant are making a name for themselves. Many CBN users have reported a correlation between using CBN and getting a better night’s sleep, making this a niche product that’s worth featuring.
CBD Balm And Lotion Topicals Arbor Vita8

Balms and lotions

With the potential to soothe sore muscles and inflammation, many consumers like using cannabinoids topically. Everyone from athletes to seniors have found potential benefits in balms and lotions featuring compounds like CBD. 

CBD Full Spectrum 750MG Capsules Arbor Vita8


Another discrete way to ingest your favorite cannabinoid, offering CBD, or any other popular hemp compound, as a capsule can give those who don’t want to draw attention to their hemp usage a simple way to continue enjoying the product.

CBD Broad Spectrum Sour Gummies 750MG Arbor Vita8


A fun way to get your CBD, and a little sweetness, into your day is by ingesting the cannabinoid as a gummy. With a variety of flavor options, it’s as simple, these days, as popping vitamins. For those who’d rather treat their CBD, or favorite cannabinoid, like a supplement, this a great option.

Caucasian Hand Holding Dry Flowers Of Medical Marijuana Arbor Vita8

Smokable flower

Best used at home, to avoid any confusion with the illegal stuff, smokable flower is a great way for consumers to unwind after a long day. This popular product may make it a little more obvious you’re enjoying a hemp product, but is enjoyed by many.

Lines Of Flower In A Big Indoor Garden Arbor Vita8

Bulk flower

Should your needs require you to put your label on bulk products, bulk flower is a great choice. It’s in-demand on its own, but has the potential for extraction into other products as well. Selling in bulk also enables you to increase profit margins while offering competitive pricing.

Organically Grown Hemp Flower Pre Rolls Arbor Vita8


To smoke hemp within a convenient cigarette style package, add your brand to our high-quality pre-rolls. These are a great way for consumers to casually enjoy hemp.

Caucasian Male Smoking A Joint Arbor Vita8

Blunts and cigars

If you’re looking to offer a smokable hemp product with a little more heft, blunts and cigars are an ideal product to carry on your shelves. These are ideal for the consumer who wants to take a little more time to slowly enjoy their intake of hemp.

Scoop Of Cannabis Concentrate Out Of Glass Jar Extracted With Dabbing Tool Arbor Vita8


A versatile and lucrative way to sell hemp-derived products, concentrates allow you to distribute hemp oil in a compact way. It’s perfect for use in a variety of other products, from foods to smoothies, and more.

Benefits of White Labeling

The biggest benefit to white labeling hemp-derived products is what this process can save you. It saves you both time and money when it comes to designing and developing each item you’d like to sell yourself. You take the guesswork out of knowing your products are the best because you partner with companies like Arbor Vita8, who only make the highest-quality products.

Take advantage of our expert work and refined products, that you know consumers want, by choosing Arbor Vita8 as your white labeling partner.

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Picking the right Wholesale Partner

If quality ingredients and high-end manufacturing processes are essential to the hemp-derived products you sell, then it’s important to find a wholesale partner you can trust. This is especially true when using white labeling services since these are the products that will represent your brand.

Additionally, a trusted partner should also be someone you know follows extreme safety protocols in crafting their products. This means making good choices when it comes to ingredients and how the products are made. Know where the products you buy are processed and manufactured, and make sure the proper standards are followed at each step.


Wholesale White Labeling at Arbor Vita8

Working hard to maintain the highest level of quality, Arbor Vita8 checks all the boxes when it comes to being a trusted partner in white label hemp products. Our team’s hemp knowledge and experience combines with the latest industry developments to offer the best products out there. It’s time to put your business’ label on hemp products you can trust.

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