Riley Announces A Brand New Podcast!

Social media, like most things, has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it’s an invaluable tool for connecting with audiences and spreading helpful information. But, its algorithms are often a source of much confusion. If you aren’t careful, you may find your page the victim of a content removal.

Take Riley page, for example. She’s had a lot of clips taken down due to Tik Tok’s functionality forbidding certain overt references to cannabis. It makes sense given some people’s discomfort with the subject matter. But, in truth, this can actually hinder the furtherance of quality, credible information to help viewers make informed decisions. To combat this, Riley is starting a podcast!

The Limitations of Social Media

Having your content removed isn’t the only limitation possible. While Tik Tok can have a hair trigger for this, it and other platforms like Instagram have a range of other practices for slowing the spread of your posts. Have you ever heard of shadow banning? This is a common practice among many different social media platforms.

Basically, this means that your content isn’t making it to the top of your followers’ feeds. In some instances, it may not appear at all. That means if they aren’t actively visiting your page on a regular basis, they may miss all that content you worked so hard to create.

Podcasting With Riley Kirk & Arbor Vita8

Riley’s choice of podcasting will allow her to continue to discuss hemp and cannabis free of limitations! This is also great news for anyone looking for credible cannabis info from an informed perspective. We’ll be sure to post more updates regarding this.

You can also listen to the Arbor Vita8 podcast. It’s available on Soundcloud, Vimeo, as well as more! Looking for more information on hemp processing or wholesaling? Contact us today!


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