VP Drying Production Operations

Ryan Kelly specializes continual research, development, engineering, and implementation of current and soon to be released post-harvest product lines offered by Arbor Vita8. Ryan studied Apparel Design at Miami International University of Art & Design, with a focus in traditional tailoring. This is where his passion for creating was realized.

After 10 years in the garment industry, Ryan founded Grit Wares & Goods. The brand focused on custom developed garments and fabrications, establishing international relationships and supply chains from Europe to Asia and back.  

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, Ryan saw an opportunity to provide a much needed service. He cofounded an agricultural drying company focused on servicing hemp growers in Southeastern US. Paired with his cofounder Ray Mazzie’s vast supply chain knowledge, they’ve committed to helping farmers find reliable post-harvest processing.


Vice President of Drying Production Operations
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