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Harvesting acres of verdant, CBD-rich hemp is enough to get any farmer excited. Hemp is an extremely lucrative crop. While it is relatively easy to grow, turning all of that sticky green into paper green can be a little more difficult.

The CBD industry is growing — its projected worth by 2022 is $22 billion. There is plenty of money out there for the taking as a hemp farmer. Even if you’re not converting it into CBD, it’s still possible to make a profit selling hemp biomass.

How to sell hemp biomass

When it comes to selling your harvested hemp, there are several avenues to explore. Some of these, like involving a broker, will cost you more upfront, but there are multiple options. The trick is to line everything up as early in your growing process as possible. While you may not have everything in place before the seeds get planted, start having conversations about selling your biomass.

These are some of the most common ways people sell their hemp. Which one works best for you?

The broker system

Finding a broker who can sell your hemp for you is a common tactic for hemp farmers, especially those who do not have connections in other parts of the industry. A good broker can put you in contact with a buyer who is perfect for your product. A bad broker will promise you the moon and never deliver.

Any broker, good or bad, will ask for a percentage of the sale. This will range anywhere from 10-25 percent, so it’s possible they will take a good chunk of your earnings. That said, a good broker can definitely earn their fee, and finding a buyer is always preferable to letting your harvest rot.

Sell directly to buyers

Depending on your location, there’s a chance there are local buyers looking to scoop up your CBD-filled inventory. As with brokers, finding an experienced buyer is the best way to insure you get a fair price for your product.

If you are unable to find local buyers, look for extraction companies that offer additional services. At Arbor Vita8, we not only dry and process hemp biomass, but we also put our partner farmers in touch with manufacturers interested in buying the final product.

Explore your choices online

Other options exist that let you sell your hemp product online. Buyers and brokers are often advertising on Instagram, where farmers can directly contact the business in question. Be wary, though, as dishonest brokers also make a home on social media.

Websites like and the National Hemp Association both have directories where one can find prospective hemp buyers if you’re unable to find a referral on your own. These sites fully vet their listings which helps ensure you’re working with an honest company.

Tips for selling your hemp

The more information you have on your crop, the easier it is selling hemp biomass. Buyers and brokers will want to know how much CBD and THC (should be 0.3 percent or less) is in your plant, how much of it you harvested, and whether you have processed any of it or not.

You may also want to consider getting your hemp dried before selling it. Dried hemp is more appealing to buyers because it takes a step out of the process. Buyers are also drawn to hand-shucked hemp over machine-harvested hemp, as hand shucked tends to have more CBD in it.

Look no further than Arbor Vita8

For those living in the Southeast, Arbor Vita8 is an ideal partner in hemp. Our expansive facility provides services from seed to sale. And, our experienced team helps guide you the whole way. From planting to harvesting, drying to processing, we can help you prepare your hemp biomass to garner the best profits. We then connect you with one of our preferred manufacturers to complete the sale. To learn more, contact Arbor Vita8 today.


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