Selling Your CBD Skin Care Products Online

By Noah Chen

The CBD market has been booming ever since the legalization of hemp thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. It wasn’t long before entrepreneurs were combining CBD extract with their products of choice.

CBD has grown into a $993 million dollar market. But, some of the greatest success in the CBD world comes from crossing it with other industries. For instance, the beauty industry is worth $532 billion, so what happens when the worlds of CBD and skin care collide?

What we get is online retailers making a killing off of healthy, effective, and trendy CBD skin care products. If you’re looking to manufacture and sell high-earning CBD products, making lotions and other infused items might be the best idea you haven’t yet considered.

Find the right supply (and supplier)

To make money in this industry you’re going to need repeat customers. That means your product will need to compete with every brand on the market. To keep your consumers coming back, source the best CBD. Do your research and learn about what types of genetics yield superior extract. You’ll want to target extracts from those plants.

You’ll also need a certified supplier like Arbor Vita8. They’ll ensure your superior extract comes from a quality source. Certified suppliers have licenses to sell CBD at both the state and federal level.

Arbor Vita8 stands above other certified suppliers thanks to its methods of CBD extraction and processing. Unlike other companies, Arbor Vita8 never freezes its biomass during the extraction process. Even without this step, they deliver a 99% pure CBD extract.

Finding a high-quality certified supplier ensures you’re getting superior extract made with the best possible care and attention to detail. It may be the most important step to successfully selling your product online.

Secure your business license

Before you can sell CBD skin care products, you’ll need to get a proper business license. Most small businesses can register as an LLC, and the registration fee is around $100.

While you’re getting your license, you’ll also want to check your state laws surrounding CBD sales. Certain states require stricter labeling than others, and there are other important laws to be aware of depending on the location of your business.

Prepare your CBD skin care products for sale

It’s still illegal to sell CBD products that contain over 0.3 percent THC, the cannabinoid that gets you stoned. Your product must get tested before its release. However, a good supplier, like Arbor Vita8 tests their extracts before selling them to manufacturers, giving you more assurance that your products won’t have too much THC in them.

Finally, you’ll need a website and an advertising plan. Selling CBD online is not as simple as creating a website and waiting for customers. Advertising is an important step. You can do this with targeted, online ads that run on social media and other websites. You can also drive traffic to your website through common optimization practices. Consider creating a blog and writing CBD-related content.

Shipping orders and seeing profits

Once your product is sourced, packaged, and sold on a website with plenty of internet traffic, it’s down to the final steps. You’ll have orders coming in and you’ll need space to manage your inventory and prepare your products for shipping. As you’re starting out this may be your home. But, as your business grows you can move to a location that better suits your needs.

Make sure to watch your customer feedback online, and ask for reviews to keep customers happy and create positive content you can share.

Congratulations! By this point, you’ve created a successful CBD skin care outlet and have planted your flag in the industry. The world of CBD is a complex one with new trends developing daily, but it all goes back to your idea, and the right CBD extract that allows you to create the best products possible. Contact Arbor Vita8 today to learn more about the supply process.


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