Strains, Chemovars, and Cultivars

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The term “strain” is the most commonly understood when talking about different types of cannabis. It’s easy and cannabis users always know what is being talked about. However, when we switch to using words like chemovar and cultivar, it causes a gentrification of the cannabis industry. While that may be true, there is certainly a time and place where “chemovar” and “cultivar” should be used instead of “strain.”

Medicinal Cannabis

When using cannabis as a specific medicine, it is very important to differentiate and understand chemovars and cultivars. For example, if you’re using cannabis for Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis and you want a variety of cannabis that is high in caryophyllene, it is extremely important to know the exact amount of caryophyllene and the other chemicals present. 

Chemovar and Cultivar

When using the term “chemovar,” it is referring to the chemical variety. Not only the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids present, but also the abundance of each. For example, the strain “Blue Dream” grown in California will likely not have the same chemical profile even if the seeds came from the same plant. “Cultivar” isn’t the best term to describe when using cannabis medicinally. Cultivar is a more botany-specific term to describe cannabis varieties. Since cannabis is used for the pharmacological effects on the body, we should focus more on the chemical profile of the plant instead of the cultivation.

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