At Arbor Vita8, we’re lucky to work with experts at every level within the hemp industry. Not only does their knowledge help us provide you with the best cultivation and processing services out there, but a wealth of resources to ensure you grow a successful hemp crop.

The ultimate tip from a hemp farm consultant

As hemp farm consultants, we get asked a lot of questions, at all stages of the hemp farming process. While we’re available to provide support throughout, the best tip we have for farmers is to plan ahead. Think through the entire growing process before buying your very first hemp seed, and you’ll truly set yourself up for success. Planning ahead involves: 

You can accomplish all this planning ahead by working with separate vendors associated with each stage in the hemp growing process, or you can contact Arbor Vita8 and take care of it in one swoop. Either way, start early and make connections as soon as you know you want to grow hemp. Planning ahead is one of the best ways to have a successful hemp crop.

Support from seed to sale

Our seed and seedling wholesalers focus on the best genetics, developed by our own partner scientists. This helps you start on the right foot as a hemp farmer. We then continue to offer our support and advice as your crop grows. After that, our cultivation and processing services and support can’t be beat. We’ll even arrange for you to get the best deal selling your final product to the right manufacturer.

Partner Farmer relationships that matter

We understand the challenges farmers face in growing hemp without a supportive team around them, and are here to help. This is why we focus on creating a win-win situation at all levels of the hemp process, from large-scale harvesting support to basic guidance. Our goal is to help hemp farmers create a quality product that’s in demand in the industry.

Trustworthy services with exceptional equipment

We can stand behind our promise of superior support as hemp farm consultants for a number of reasons. Yes, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide hemp farm consulting at every step of the process, but we also have the equipment to back it all up. Our high-capacity hemp dryer, for example, can manage up to 20,000 pounds of wet biomass per hour. From there, we’re able to extract crude CBD and CBG as well as full-spectrum and broad-spectrum distillates, including t-free, at our state-of-the-art facilities. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another facility like ours out there.

Superior hemp farm consulting with Arbor Vita8

It’s at the top of our priorities as a hemp farm consultant to give the farmers we work with expert guidance. At every step — from seed to sale — we’re beside you, working with you to avoid common pitfalls and challenges. As you break into the hemp industry, as a farmer, it’s crucial to work with a partner who not only understands the entire process, but can provide you with the right assistance when necessary. Let Arbor Vita8 be your partner in hemp.

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