Synthetic Cannabinoids? Featuring Riley Kirk

We’re back with another episode of our series with good friend Riley Kirk. The 4th year PHD candidate and famous Tik Tok personality has a stellar page. She uses her extensive knowledge of cannabis to bring a fresh take on the crop. Today, we’re taking a look at a controversial topic in hemp: synthetic cannabinoids.
There has been a lot of discussion around the subject. In the hemp space, products like Delta-8 often come up as a focal point. But as Riley’s clip shows, it appears we’re nearing a whole new stage in cannabinoid production.


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Using yeast to produce cannabinoids

That’s right, the same yeast at the base of many beers has proven quite versatile. The compound is a serious contender for producing synthetic cannabinoids. In one study, they were able to produce CBGA, THCA, and more. These can then to replicate their respective cannabinoids. The success of the process lies in genetics, via a practice called Synthetic biology.
As the clip notes, these products are often low in supply. This is in contrast to the large amounts needed for quality testing in a lab setting. Riley gives a thorough recap of the process. First, you “insert genes [bacteria] from the [hemp] plant into the yeast.” The genetics carry a sort of muscle memory along with them from the plant. From there, carbon is sourced by adding galactose to the mix. This enables the yeast to produce its own cannabinoids.

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Before we go any further, we have to wish our friend Riley the best of luck on defending her PHD dissertation. We know she’ll knock it out of the park! Be sure to leave some words of encouragement on her feed. And as always, if you have any questions regarding hemp processing or wholesale services, contact us today! You can schedule a consultation with our team to determine how to best address your needs!


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