T-Breaks: What It Means To Give Tolerance A Reprieve

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The impact that cannabis has on the human is still something of great question and intrigue. As we’ve stated many times, the jury’s still out when it comes to medical claims. This due to the lack of empirical data on the subject. The legal limits and restrictions have made this area a bit difficult to navigate.

That said, there’s no shortage of anecdotal claims that reveal some interesting possibilities. One of the more fascinating concepts is that of a T-Break. Also known as a tolerance break, this act has been shown to have an intriguing impact on those who take them. Read on below to learn more!

Why Do You Feel High?

So what happens in the body when you start feeling high? That’s actually the result of Delta 9 THC binding with your CB1 receptors. From there, D9 THC is known to have noticeable psychoactive effects.

Before we continue, please take note of the legality of cannabis in your home state. We are fortunate to see strides like the 2018 farm bill. And now The More Act looks to be an even greater win if it passes in the Senate. Still, the outcome remains to be seen, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Frequent Cannabis Use

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, your tolerance is tied to your usage. The more you use cannabis, particularly THC, the more of a tolerance you build up to it. This means it takes more and more over time to reach the same effect that a smaller amount used to deliver.

As Riley notes in the clip, there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with continued use. “Many people just never take them and they’re totally fine.” But, if you remember from our last clip, continued use does result in your “body eating your receptors,” so to speak. If you wish to lessen this, a T-break may be for you.

What Exactly Is A T-Break?

So why do “our [bodies internalize] those receptors? [It’s] because it’s trying to protect itself from being overly stimulated all the time.” As stated, to stop this, a tolerance break may be what the doctor ordered. This means abstaining from THC altogether for a period of time.

So you’ve decided to go forth with your T-Break. How long should your break from THC be? The truth is, it depends. Our bodies and brains are all very different. Listen to your body, and track your results for an honest look at how the T-break affects you.

Riley Dee & Arbor Vita8

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Clip Transcript

Riley Dee:
So after those last two videos, there was a ton of questions on how do we stop our body from eating our receptors?. And the simple answer is taking a tolerance break. So remember that our body is internalizing those receptors because it’s trying to protect itself from being overstimulated all the time. So you need to take away the molecules that are activating them, which is mainly THC when we’re talking about cannabis.

And you can still take CBD, that’s totally fine, because it really doesn’t act as an agonist. Then another question was, how long should I take a tolerance break? And that’s really complex because we all have different brain chemistry. We all use different amounts of cannabis and the different parts of our brain actually recover at different rates. In some parts of the brain, it only takes about three days. Other parts, two weeks. And in other parts up to a month. And also remember you don’t have to take tolerance breaks. Many people just never take them and they’re totally fine.


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