Take Advantage of The Versatility of Hemp Biomass

CBD hemp biomass has been in use for centuries in a variety of ways. It makes medicine, beauty products, fibre, and fabrics. Today, hemp biomass has even proven useful as an energy and fuel source. Distilling hemp biomass down so it can become these products requires expert industry knowledge and top-quality machinery. At Arbor Vita8, the capabilities of our personnel and equipment mean you’ll get a superior product when processing your CBD biomass.


Properly Processing CBD Biomass

As all the plant parts left over after the flowers are removed, hemp biomass undergoes its own process to prepare for the extraction of its lucrative oils. First, the plant matter must get properly milled and dried. This ensures the biomass is in a more stable form for extraction, which yields better results. Drying can take place in a more traditional way, by hanging it in bunches to dry in a controlled environment. This takes a few days and requires careful monitoring to keep moisture out. The other method involves using a drying machine. At Arbor Vita8, our high-quality machine can dry up to 70,000 pounds of biomass per hour.

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CBD Biomass Extraction

Once CBD biomass has dried properly, it’s ready for extraction. The most initial by-product extracted from biomass is called hemp crude oil. Our extractor at Arbor Vita8 can produce up to 5,000 pounds of crude oil per day. That’s a number that’s tough to beat. While the oil in this form has practical uses, it can also get distilled down further.

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Full-Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum Distillates

Both of these are by-products of further distilling hemp crude oil. The big difference between the two is the amount of refinement the product undergoes. Broad-spectrum distillate is a further refined version of full-spectrum. Full-spectrum retains more of its original compounds, which means it can have up to 0.3 percent THC. Broad-spectrum is considered THC-free.

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Using the Hurd

While not a part of the hemp plant you often hear about, the hurd is simply the middle part of the plant stalk. It’s rich in cellulose, which makes it strong. In lieu of running this part of the plant through an extractor, you can use it, as is, to make hemp paper, building materials, and packaging materials. Hurds also work well as a component in hemp plastics.

Lesser-Known Uses for Hemp Biomass

After extraction, the oils that come from hemp biomass often go on to infuse a variety of products consumers can ingest. They’re also key ingredients in lotions, balms, and beauty products. However, hemp biomass has a few other uses we’re only just now discovering.

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Hemp as Fuel

Because hemp is rich in cellulose, it can work as an energy source. In fact, the fuel derived from hemp biomass can power a car. It does so by being converted to methanol or ethanol.

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Hemp as Fibre

In use for centuries, hemp fibre is water resistant, strong, and durable. It’s not as likely to rot, so works great as rope on boats and ships. It’s also biodegradable, which makes it good for the environment.

Get the Most Out of Your CBD Biomass

At Arbor Vita8, we offer a variety of services to help partner farmers cultivate and process high-quality biomass. We have the machinery, capabilities, and industry experience to give you a seamless experience getting your hemp ready for manufacturers. Reach out today and see how we can help you process, extract, and sell your hemp biomass.

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